Changing Majors

Ksenia Buzovkina, who is currently studying journalism at the HSE, tells us about her experience in changing the major.

Changing Majors

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Many pupils nowadays face the problem when they cannot decide what their future job will be and feel scared and lost due to this.Ksenia will share her experience and prove that it is okay to change majors while studying, even when your relatives think otherwise. So do not be afraid that your life is defined since you have made a career decision once. Everything is possible.

Ksenia Buzovkina

It was not my thing

Initially, I had been studying law for a year and a half before I changed the major. I didn’t come to the decision of what I would like to do in the future when I was finishing school, so I opted for this field as my parents really respected this kind of job and gave me the advice to make a choice in favour of it. I was not worried that I might not like it. Unfortunately, it turned out that it was not my thing and I needed to find another sphere, so I gave journalism a chance.

The problems never go away

I always enjoyed meeting new people, creating, and I even wrote articles about art for the school magazine, but I did not take it all into account when applying for the university. Moreover, I had prejudices that studying journalism in Russia was quite problematic as it seems uncertain and thus terrifying. I thought law was really stable and prestigious. Then I realised that any field cannot go without obstacles, so it is useless to try to find the easiest way.

Life in colours

I guess the colour that I associate with the time when I studied law is grey as it was all boring and tedious. I got really shy, retired into my shell. The problem was not with the field I have decided to make a career in, I just realised I am not interested in it. I found it too exhausting to study there for 5 years. I really enjoyed learning only humanitarian subjects such as sociology and philosophy. At the beginning of the second year I desired changes, though I was thinking about it earlier, in the middle of the first year, but I had a lot of doubts and I beat around the bush as I was really afraid. Now I can say that I am so happy that I have made it. No regrets definitely. Journalism fits me like nothing else!

(Not) Making the same mistake

As you can imagine, It was quite scary to make such a decision as it may seem I can make a mistake again and journalism could be not as appealing as I think. Luckily, I hit the bull’s-eye.

An unexpected twist

My parents were against this idea because they were sure it would be impossible, so I didn’t tell them that I applied. It was a secret for a while. I wanted to test myself, whether I would get the place or not. When I successfully overcame all of the obstacles, I told them the truth. They were excited. My friends didn’t expect that either, so they were surprised and happy as well.

Step by step, overcoming difficulties

In order to get the place at another bachelor program I had to pass the exams that were quite similar to those which pupils take when applying for the university. I had to write an article and be interviewed. I remember that 20 people wanted to pass them, but only 3 did it successfully. Moreover, one of the unpleasant cases that I faced was difficulties with documents. I visited the academic department nearly every day, I suppose workers know me quite well. And it was hard to adjust to the new atmosphere, new people. I did not think about the group, just wished I could do what I like, but my group mates are really kind and open-minded. Sometimes I attend classes with the first-year students. I used to get uncomfortable when I got into the classroom, but now it is okay, I even made friends with some of them. The other thing is that I have to attend extra classes, whereas keeping up with all of mine, sometimes they are at the same time, but professors do not make an exception even considering this fact. I guess, you can imagine, how hard it is to handle all of this.

Full of creativity

I really love that I have got so many creative subjects such as audio editing, video editing, podcasting, tv production. And professors are so open-minded and

Take the risk!

If you think of changing majors, do not be scared and do it, because it is useless to try to convince yourself that your doubts will go away and you end up being happy where you are. It was my mistake. Believe in yourself and everything will be fine!

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Arina Farahova