Winter in Moscow

Don't miss these events! A guide by Kseniia Demidova.

Winter in Moscow

Photo by Igor Dernovoy on Unsplash

For Moscow, winter is the start of the season of Christmas illumination and specific season entertainment, New Year's mood, and noisy fairs. If snow and light frost become uncomfortable, tourists and residents of the capital can sit in decorated cafes, and go to new plays in theaters and unusual exhibitions.

I will show you the unusual sights of Moscow and interesting places where you can go this winter.

Moscow Museum Week

Each of the participating museums can be visited free of charge on a certain day in the third week of each month. For free admission, you need to issue an electronic entrance ticket on the museum's official website or the website In the "Buy a ticket" section, select the date and time of the visit. The amount of 0 rubles will be indicated in the "Cost" column.

It will be held on January 9-15, 2023.

"Treasures of Tutankhamun's Tomb" Exhibition

Pavilion 33 of VDNKh hosts the "Treasures of Tutankhamun's Tomb" exhibition. Here you can touch one of the most mysterious cultures and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Ancient Egypt. Tutankhamun, whose tomb was discovered almost untouched, has become a symbol of ancient Egypt in the modern world. And the treasures found in his tomb gave scientists a huge material for studying ancient Egyptian art and created a sensation in the world of archaeology. 

There were no random things in the tomb. The objects that modern man perceives as treasures were not accidentally found in the tomb. Studying their symbolic meanings helps us to understand how ancient people interpreted life and death. 

Working hours: from December 23, 2021, to January 31, 2023, daily from 11:00 to 22:00.

VR ART Exhibition

Here you can immerse yourself in virtual worlds with the help of VR technologies. Guests can see dinosaurs, visit the Middle Ages or a Japanese temple, enjoy spectacular special effects and views of space, as well as view panoramas from around the world. Each location is unique and allows you to move around it and view three-dimensional views and objects. 

Daily, Moscow, Tupolev embankment 15, building 29, office 114.

"Avant-garde of The 20th Century" Exhibition

The art of the Avant-garde is a real labyrinth of artistic movements and trends. Having declared itself at the beginning of the twentieth century, it marked the vector of development for the next century. Its rebellious spirit and shocking nature have embraced and absorbed the whole world. The avant-garde did not just break with tradition, it claimed more - the creation of a project of the future.

The art of the avant-garde can delight, surprise, and cause controversy and perplexity, but it cannot leave anyone indifferent. As long as it provokes a reaction, the avant-garde project is alive. The exhibition "Avant-garde of the 20th century" traces the development of art throughout the twentieth century. The geography of the project is wide: from Russia, France, Germany, and the USA to Greenland, Japan, and Vietnam. 

It will be held from December 1, 2022, to February 28, 2023, in the Creative space "Lumiere Hall".

"Snow and Ice in the Museum of Moscow: Non-Passing Moscow" Festival

Ice sculptures and the first skating rink in the history of the museum appeared in the courtyard of the Food Warehouses. Ice versions of legendary but lost architectural monuments - Sukharev Tower, Vsekhsvyatsky Stone Bridge, Krestovsky water towers, Red Gate, Kitaygorodskaya Wall, and Alekseevskaya Tower - decorate the festival. A new sculpture appears every weekend. The history of these and other historical buildings that are memorable for the city will be told at the street exhibition "Non-passing Moscow". 

A small cozy skating rink in the courtyard of the Food warehouses under favorable weather conditions opened on December 31 and will work all days of the festival until February 12, 2023.

Everyone should visit these incredible places in Moscow, and it doesn't matter if it's summer outside or winter. These are museums, parks, observation decks, exhibitions, etc. In each of these places, you can learn many interesting things and see what the world used to be like and how it has changed.

Text by

Kseniia Demidova