Moscow Is A Great Place To Spend The Weekends

A video by Hsu Chu Ling.

Moscow Is A Great Place To Spend The Weekends

Photo by Hsu Chu Ling

Before the video started I’d like to say that Moscow is a place where you can experience summer, autumn and winter. 


Part one – museums

Museum of Modern Art

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art is a complex, including five buildings. This one was built in the late 18th century and is located at Gogolevsky Boulevard. These two pictures are taken in exhibitions. There's not only one exhibition hall and in the center there’s a small yard where you can see some sculptures. 

This is my favorite place here, where you can take a nice picture.

Museum of Cosmonautics

Ticket to the museum. These two dogs are called Belka and Strelka, they spent a day in space in 1960. It’s the first successful space flight that put an animal into orbit and returned safely. Spacesuit for dog. 

Space Conquers Monument

It was built in 1964 in order to celebrate the achievements that the Soviets have done in space exploration. 


Its full name is Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy. This is the main entrance of the park. The park is also a complex, including different museums and centers. During daytime you can take a walk, and in winter you can enjoy skating here. 

Tretyakov Gallery 

The gallery was established in 1856. It was 13th on the list of most-visited art museums in the world in 2020. During the first part of the exhibition, you can see many portraits of famous and ordinary people. 

My favorite painting.

New Tretyakov Gallery 

Compared to the old one, it provides exhibitions of art of the 20th and 21st centuries. In front of the gallery there’s a small yard. 

This is the exhibition that I visited. In this  exhibition you can enjoy photos of various animals from different countries. There are also many other ongoing exhibitions. These cute little bears reminds me of this dessert brand. 

Peter the Great Statue 

The statue is 98 meters high and was erected in 1997. It was erected in order to commemorate 300 years of the Russian Navy. 

Part two — restaurants

Georgian Restaurant 

The restaurant is called Hinkaly & Vino. Khachapuri imeruli and khinkali with beef-pork.

Chinese Restaurant 

The restaurant is called Chindao, and it takes 15 minutes to walk there from the metro station Kitay-Gorod. It’s at basement level 1, so you need to go downstairs and here’s the entrance. Rice here is really delicious! 

Japanese Restaurant 

The restaurant is called Lzumi. The price here is relatively fair. 

The restaurant is called Yu-Me. Fried noodles are tasty.  

Russian Restaurant 

The cafe is called Shokoladnitsa. The cake I ordered is called (medovik). It's a traditional honey cake in Russia. 

Part three — Christmas vibe

In State Department Store. In metro.

Part four — Vladimir 

One day trip to Vladimir by train. Vladimir is one of the cities of the Golden Ring of Russia. And it’s not far away from Moscow. The city is located on the Klyazma River. Cathedral of Saint Demetrius. It was built in 1197 and belongs to the World Heritage of UNESCO. We touched his nose to make a wish. The Golden Gate. It’s the ancient city gate of Vladimir.

Fun facts which are new to me: 

 1. Bus stops at every station. 

 2. You only need to tap out when you get in the stations. 

 3. The doors are really heavy here. Sometimes although I strain every muscle, the door still doesn’t budge. And be careful that doors can hit you hard when there’s wind blowing! 

 4. People don’t wait in a line in order to get on the metro.

Thanks for watching!

Video and text by

Hsu Chu Ling