It's Time To Put Your Thinking Cap On!

If HSE is not enough for you, here are some additional sources for acquiring new knowledge and skills from Anastasia Kochukhova.

It's Time To Put Your Thinking Cap On!

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With the beginning of studies, the craving for knowledge becomes stronger on a subconscious level. If HSE is not enough for you, here are some additional sources for acquiring new knowledge and skills:


"Line of Knowledge" is a series of videos about the Moscow underground from "Synchronization". You have 14 stations to choose from: Literary, Geological, Cinema Boulevard, etc. Choose your station and watch a video about the subway on a given topic.


Cultural practices of the digital environment” is 10 recorded lectures by culturologist Oksana Moroz about the basics of digital literacy, phenomena of the Internet environment and representatives of online communities.


“Lectorium” created a free practical course on creating photo prints. This is a useful skill for designing projects in almost any creative field. There are 34 lessons with homework conducted by a specialist.


Soft Skills: what are these skills and how to develop them” is an online course, which helps you to build a personal strategy for developing your soft skills, which will be helping you to build a career on every step of your career ladder.


"School of Forest Volunteers" is an online course by "Ecowiki" for those who want to help forests. If such issues as reforestation and climate change are important for you, this course is for you. 


“Arzamas” provides a lot of asynchronous courses about culture. For example, the course "How to read your favourite books in a new way" consists of video lectures and tests about books that everyone loves. And the course “How to see art through the eyes of its contemporaries” which consists of 4 audio lectures by Natalia Mazur about what can be seen in paintings and sculptures if you look at them with the “eye of the era”.


Publishing house “MIF” also provides a lot of free courses. Here are some of them, which are extremely helpful for students: “Book Ninja: how to read useful books and bring knowledge to life”, “Mastery of learning: how to effectively learn anything”. These courses are in letters, you will receive 1 letter (lesson) twice a week. The third course “Supernormal” consists of 7 letter-lessons and helps with the development of psychological stability, you will receive a letter every 4 days.


Online lecture hall of the Nekrasov Central Library is a database of video lectures about absolutely everything, available whenever it’s convenient for you. There are 20 categories to choose from, so you’ll definitely find something exciting.


Conscious eating” is a series of podcasts about food myths and healthy relationships with food. This course will help you understand why you need to eat consciously, not “correctly”, what it means and how to do it.


The course "New Classics: Major Voices in Contemporary Cinema" is both an entertaining and educational project consisting of lectures by film critic Alisa Tayozhnaya about people who determine the development of modern cinema worldwide and specifically in Russia. 


The video course "History of religions" will tell you about Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Taoism and Confucianism, - a huge variety of sometimes completely different religions. The course will help you learn to navigate the basic principles of each of these religions and better understand the values, worldview and lifestyle of their followers.


Students of the course "History of Mysteries" will study various conspiracy theories, immerse themselves in the history of conspiracy theories and understand what exactly triggers people's fears.

“International School of Professions'' offers a lot of courses. Here are four paid, but in-demand courses: 

  • During the course “Online newscasting and podcasting courses” practising newscasters will teach you how to professionally voice commercial projects, understand their specifics, and record high-quality podcasts. 

  • In five weeks of the online course “Blender 3D”, you will learn how to use one of the most popular graphic programs and how to use it to create different projects and animate your characters. 

  • The online course “CorelDraw” will help you to master your usage of CorelDraw tools that every graphic designer needs. At the webinars of this online course, you will analyze all the features of the program and talk in detail about the creation of layouts. 

  • Online course on journalism will help you to answer such questions as: Where to look for information? How to find reliable information? What is informational style? Why does a journalist need SEO optimization?

Text by

Anastasia Kochukhova