Experience Russian Halloween

There is not a large Halloween fans’ crowd in Russia, but you can still experience its Russian version.

Experience Russian Halloween

In the big cities of Russia, and especially in Moscow and St. Petersburg, you can see events related to Halloween throughout October. This holiday is not so popular here in comparison with Western Europe and America. 

However, Halloween is still popular by students and young people and there is always something interesting to do. Of course, there are usually more themed events on the night itself from October 31 to November 1, but since this night falls on a Monday this year, you may not be able to attend events due to lectures to be attended the next morning. This holiday can be a great opportunity to find new friends and like-minded people, among both Russians and other foreigners, as well as be acquainted with Russian traditions that are present during the celebration of Halloween.

Therefore, I suggest you start immersing yourself in the atmosphere of "Russian Halloween" throughout the month. I propose to begin with watching Russian horror films that you have hardly seen before. They will help create an atmosphere and introduce you to Russian cinema in the genre of horror and thriller and help to practice Russian language.

Films to practice Russian:

Queen Of Spades (2015) / Пиковая дама: Черный обряд 

Envelope (2017) / Конверт

Black Widow (2017) / Черная Вдова

The Soul Conductor (2018) / Проводник

Guests (2019) / Гости

As for events, for students who are in Moscow, on the night of October 29, there will be two themed parties "similar to a witches' sabbath”, as the organizers themselves describe them.

Halloween Electric Sabbath Party at the Pravda club

This is a rave in the best Halloween psytrance traditions from T.L.N. Promo with the participation of musicians and DJs. The party starts at 23.30 and plans to continue until 7 am. Ticket price from 800 to 2000 rubles. Makeup and fancy costumes are welcome, so you can not only dance to your heart's content, but also scare away all the evil spirits. You can find out the exact address and more information, as well as buy tickets at the link.

Gothwave Halloween at the Live Stars club

Here you can break away to the music of rock bands and themed DJ sets. Come up with the best costume and buy a ticket here.

Witch's Happiness

And by the way, you could find a fashion accessory for a party in one themed shop called "Witch's Happiness" (Ведьмино Счастье in Russian) in Moscow at Maroseyka St. 4. This is a shop of things and gifts, all the goods in which have a mystical connotation. Here you can find anything you want: crafts and jewelry, vases, candles, amulets, as well as "magic" books. Also, various occult seminars, master classes and lectures are held here, however, in Russian. But if this is not a barrier for you, you can attend classes where guests are taught the magic of aromas, plants, or even "Tarot reader safety techniques." Themed events in the store take place almost daily, and experts are ready to tell you the biggest secrets of magic. (Source: https://kudago.com/msk/place/vedmino-schaste/).

If you are a part of HSE student and are in St. Petersburg, you will also find where to go in your scary costumes.

VNVNC club

The dance floor of the VNVNC club will turn into a Stranger Things-style dance floor from 23:00 to 06:00 on October 28 - October 29. For 700 rubles, a Halloween-style rave will be waiting for you on Konyushennaya Street until the morning. Buy a ticket, while not all lovers of this gloomy holiday have taken them apart at the link.

Remember that in Russia Halloween is treated simply as an occasion to have fun, put on unusual costumes and spend time with friends. Like many holidays in other countries that came to Russia, Halloween has lost its original meaning. The Orthodox people, who are the majority of Russians, have their own All Saints Day - it falls on the first Sunday after the Holy Trinity in June. However, there is no large-scale holiday on this day either.

Text by

Anastasiia Shepeleva