New Year's Celebration: Send a letter to Santa

Here, right in Moscow, we can go back to an enjoyable childhood experience: sending a letter to Santa through the annual "Santa Claus mail" campaign.

New Year's Celebration: Send a letter to Santa

A letter to Santa Claus is a mandatory New Year's ritual for many children who are waiting for a miracle. But adults can join too. So, the New Year is inexorably approaching, and you decided that this time you definitely need to write to Santa Claus. The year turned out to be so difficult that it seems that only a kind grandfather can help and return a fairy tale to our life.

The "Santa Claus Mail" campaign is being held in city parks for the fourth time. Last year, the New Year's post office operated on the territory of 31 recreation areas from November 18 to January 15. In addition, messages were received on the site of the estate and by regular mail. A total of 45 thousand letters were received.

"Many people fell in love with the annual Santa Claus Mail campaign. This year we tried to cover even more parks so that everyone could quickly and easily send a letter to the winter wizard," said the press service of the Mosgorpark.

Santa Claus mail was launched in 39 parks in the capital, subordinated to the Department of Culture. Everyone can send a letter to him until January 21.

Special mailboxes are installed in the most popular walking areas of the parks. For convenience, all 53 purple boxes with images of snowmen will have the inscription "Московская усадьба Деда Мороза" (Moscow Estate of Santa Claus).

To send a letter, you must indicate on the envelope your name and return address with postal code, as well as the name of the recipient - Santa Claus. In the message, you can not only share your desires and plans, but also put a drawing or a New Year's card with congratulations or poems in an envelope.

How to write to Santa Claus? What is the template? What are the rules? How to generate samples with ready-made texts? The answer is simple: there are no rules, circulars and templates. The main thing is that the letter should be written from the heart, so that it is sincere and kind. And only then all desires addressed to the winter wizard will certainly come true.

Santa Claus will give an answer to letters with the specified return address. His messages will be sent before the end of winter.

You can send a letter to Santa Claus without leaving your home: last year he got an email. Everyone can fill out a special form on the website of the Moscow wizard's estate. The answer will be sent to the email indicated for feedback from the address

In addition, you can send a letter by regular mail. To do this, it is necessary to indicate on the envelope not only your name and address, but also the address of the recipient: 109472, Moscow, Kuzminsky forest, Volgogradsky prospekt, possession 168d, for Santa Claus.

Some addresses where you can find the mailboxes:

  • in the Bauman Garden (on the square in front of the main entrance to the park);
  • in Tagansky Park (near the skating rink entrance, next to the Anderson cafe);
  • in Gorky Park (three boxes in the pavilions of the skating rink (after its opening) and one in the building of the Green School);
  • in the Hermitage garden (at the central entrance, to the right of the fountain);
  • in the Severnoye Tushino park (two boxes: on the central alley, near the Brothers Grimm cafe and at the entrance to the Museum of the History of the Navy);
  • in the park "Fili" (on the square at the main entrance to the park);
  • in the park of the Olympic Village (on the main alley of the park, near the room of the mother and child);
  • in Lianozovsky Park (on the central alley, near the stage);
  • in Babushkinsky Park (near the Bookcrossing pavilion);
  • in the Sokolniki Park (three boxes: on Fontannaya Square, in the building of the park administration and opposite the Dance Floor 3+ site);
  • in Izmailovsky Park (at the skate rental point).