Quynh - a Student of HSE, Vlogger and Musician

Nguyen Ha had a small interview with a talented girl - Quynh aka Es Quinn.

Quynh - a Student of HSE, Vlogger and Musician

Hello Quynh, could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello everyone, my name is Quynh. I am a Vietnamese student of Media Communications programme in HSE University. I’m also known as Es Quinn since I’m a vlogger and a musician at the same time.

You have a youtube channel and I am a subscriber of it. Can you introduce your channel to our readers?

Oh yes, thank you so much. I have been running a channel called “Es Quinn” on YouTube for almost 2 years now. It’s where I share with people everything about my story of studying in Russia and in HSE. Moreover, it’s also a place where I express my love with music.

Are you making this channel because it is related to your field of study? Or because you have had a passion for this before?

It can be said that I have had a big big passion for creating videos since I was a highschool student. I always want to have my own YouTube channel too. But my field of study, Media Communications, is definitely one of the things that motivate me to continue doing this.

What event or who inspired you to do this?

I have been watching a lot of videos from hundreds of vloggers from all over the world. All of them helped build this passion inside me. Oh, my close friends also encouraged me a lot since they know my abilities and my love toward this.

Can you tell me a little bit about how you got started? When you first started out, were you embarrassed to tell people what you did?

I got started around the end of 2019, but then I had a privacy problem with my old account therefore I decided to start a new channel at the end of March. Everyone has supported me a lot so I think that I did a good job even though it was really hard to begin again.

What is your favorite thing about doing this?

It’s the chance of practicing my skills in filming, producing and editing videos, audio and photos. I became stronger, more confident as well as many more people has recognized my abilities and talents.

How about the least favorite thing about doing this?

I think it is a problem when more people want to know deeper about my personal life. It’s a little bit scary to me.

How do you manage your time?

I put my studies first, above everything because I need to learn more for myself and my future career. I actually don’t consider “doing YouTube” a job that needs to be done but a passion, one of my hobbies so that I can do it whenever I have free time and whenever I want to.

Do you have any struggles and how do you overcome them?

I don’t think I have any struggle at the moment. But maybe I wish I had more time for editing the videos that I already filmed.

Do you ever get tired of videotaping things and if so, why?

No, I never get tired of it.

What’s the best comment you've ever received?

OMG, all the comments the viewers gave me are the best comments I’ve received, besides some negative ones but I think they were just misunderstanding me a bit, so I’m ready to explain)))

Where do you get the ideas for your content?

Maybe, my life? Oh, it's hard to tell, because they came from all aspects of life.

Do you think you will become a Youtuber as a full-fledged career?

Uhm, it’s not a bad idea. However, I can say that I have many plans for my future as a content creator, a musician and a media marketer.

I heard your debut song "I wish". It's really ear-catching. What was the inspiration for that song?

I have been writing that song for 2-3 years actually. The first part of the song was written when I finished my first year in the university, when I was feeling lost and unmotivated. And the second part of the song was written when I already overcame everything and was ready to level up and prove myself to everyone.

What videos are you planning to release next on your channel?

I’m planning to release a series of behind the scenes videos from the “I Wish” project for my viewers to understand more about it. Moreover, I will also work on editing the Russia travel vlogs I filmed not long ago. My “subies” have been asking me a lot about these videos.

Thank you very much for your answer. Do you have any things to say to our readers?

Thank you so much for inviting me to this interview. It’s really nice to share with you about my YouTube journey. I wish you health, happiness, inspiration as well as tons of success in your study and work.

Interview by

Nguyen Ha