Hobbies And Spending Free Time

It is undeniable that hobbies bring us a lot of benefits.

Hobbies And Spending Free Time

Phyllis McGinley once said: “A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away”. It helps us relax, open up our minds, and even helps us make money.

Daria Illarionova

Dasha is a third year student of the Faculty of Communications, Media and Design. Her major is Advertising and Public Relations.

Hello Dasha, could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi everyone, my name is Dasha. I'm almost 20 years old. I love things related to creativity and self-expression. I also like studying because it helps me to develop more comprehensively. I can't stand still and I always want to try something new and develop skills that I already have. Well, I'm also sincere, open to new acquaintances and I love memes with animals.

Daria, how much free time do you often have and how do you spend it? What do you prefer to do in your free time: to relax or to do some active activities?

Now, during the pandemic, I have quite a lot of free time. Sometimes I read books that are not related to my studies and draw. I also knit a lot, I like doing needlework. I can't say for sure when I want active activities or just relaxation. It all depends on the situation, mood or fatigue that I get when I have done some other things.

What do you think, is it important to have a hobby? Are there any problems if one person just works and sleeps without any hobbies?

Of course, it is very important to have your own hobby. This is an action that should distract you from the workflow. If you work and sleep constantly, you can go crazy. Your everyday life will be devoted to work. Not to mention the pleasure of the work when it has been done, you will get almost no satisfaction from this life if you just work and sleep. That’s why you should always find time for something that genuinely gives you personal pleasure and will allow you to refresh yourself. It is a hobby.

Do you have something that you consider hobbies? If yes, then what are they?

Naturally I have hobbies. As I mentioned earlier, this is reading, drawing and needlework.

Interesting that you like needlework. Don’t you think it is for older people? When did you start knitting and how did you come to like it?

Of course, stereotypically needlework is a hobby of the elderly. However I think like this, if it gives me pleasure and allows me to feel happy, then I don't care about everything. Also, I learned to knit at school and then realized that I would never stop knitting in my life.

How much time do you often spend on your hobbies?

To be honest, I can't say exactly how much time I spend on them. I try to devote at least one hour a day to do something of my own. But sometimes there are such busy weekdays that I can do things that I like on the weekends.

Have you ever spent too much time on your hobbies and neglected your studies?

Yes, of course. We are all human beings and we all succumb to our desires. There are days when I absolutely do not want to do assignments from my teachers and at such moments I allow myself to do what I like no matter what. I know myself and I can do anything if I really want to and if it's really necessary. I'm just sure that everyone has such moments like that.

Could you please tell us how much money you often spend on your hobbies?

My hobbies do not require particularly strong monetary expenditures, except for reading. I don't like e-books, that's my big problem. I love print media. Because of this, I have to constantly spend money on new books. Everything else takes a lot less money.

What book have you been reading recently and what would you like to recommend people read during this time?

To be honest, I have a rather strange interest in books. I can read fiction as well as autobiographies or fantasies. Probably, for the most part, I would recommend the novels of the modern writer Amy Harmon to girls. I just adore her and each of her books is like a rich series for me, from which I can't tear myself away.

Do your hobbies bring you any benefits? Do you learn any new things from your hobbies? If yes, could you give us some details?

All my hobbies can be combined with something. It means that I can watch all sorts of educational courses/videos while I draw or knit. Thanks to that, my hobbies do not affect (negatively) my studies much. Then, at any time, I can knit something and sell it, which is also a kind of plus for me as a hobby. Also, obviously reading brings me a lot of knowledge.

Some people turn their hobbies into a career or a way of making money by selling their own knitting. What is your opinion?

It's great when you get money from something that brings you sincere pleasure, from what you like to do. However, I believe that this is not always a good idea, as many expect. If you constantly do what you love, then at some point you may get bored of it. And this is the problem that is difficult to get rid of. Then it's sad to realize that you now don't have a favorite thing to do and as a result it won't bring you money, respectively, anymore.

Is there a hobby you are thinking about starting these days? What is it?

Yes, I'm thinking of starting to actively engage in sports, lead an active lifestyle and you know what, it brings me not only pleasure, but also makes my health stronger. For example, I want to do gymnastics and jogging. For your information, I go in for running.

How cool!

I started running recently, just a month ago. I run every two or three days. This unloads my head from unnecessary thoughts and keeps the body in good shape.

I have seen you acting once before. Is it also one of your hobbies? Could you tell us more about it?

Yes, of course! One of my biggest hobbies is acting. I play in the theater and act in various student and non-student projects. It all started with performances in kindergarten, then my mother sent me to a theater studio, where I was already working professionally on myself as an actress. Now I'm shooting in one project and I get a lot of pleasure from filming.

Could you tell us more about the project that you have been participating in recently, please? What is your fondest memory of it?

It was a student project. Guys who also study in HSE like me are shooting a short film. They are from the Faculty of Cinema. and they needed an actress. The shooting conditions were quite difficult, because the director wanted a lot, and there was not enough time and resources for this. Moreover, the time I had spent is not paid, unfortunately. The most vivid memory is that the shooting took place in winter. It was terribly cold outside, and we were filming for several hours. However, it was a good challenge for stamina and endurance.

I can say that you have a lot of hobbies. Do you think these hobbies have a positive impact on your study in the university and your future career?

It seems to me that hobbies do not really impact my study. I don't do advertising much, but I can do a great job of advertising my product, the one that I knitted. Also, it could be something I've drawn, or read, no matter how funny it may be, none of my hobbies have anything to do with what I study in the university.

Some people plan on taking up new hobbies when they retire. Are there any hobbies you would like to start later in life?

Yes, in the long run I would like to learn to play guitar and monetize knitting. Music makes me relax and not think about anything, and knitting at a professional level could bring me a small income, which I could, for example, invest.

Thank you very much for your answer. Do you have any things to say to our readers?

Allow yourself to try something new, because after that it can become something more than just a hobby. Moreover, being open to the changes of this world is one of the best things that can make your life easier, brighter and richer, especially in such difficult times like this.

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Van Ly Vu