Multimedia Art Museum Moscow

The Multimedia Art Museum Moscow is dedicated to the presentation and development of actual art related to new multimedia technologies.

Multimedia Art Museum Moscow

It was the first Russian state art institution focused on the art of photography. It's not only the photographs, but also a complex with modern technologies to make a world of art.

This contemporary space focuses exclusively on photography and video art and regularly hosts great exhibitions, many of which make particularly good use of the cleverly designed video exhibition rooms. You can explore the seven-floor museum, and on each floor there is an extraordinary exhibition with a unique topic. Here you can always find exhibitions about life and culture of Russia - modern and also in Soviet times. And it seems that every photo, or every topic has an interesting story in it.

Usually the museum runs three to four exhibitions at the same time, including its own and also guest projects. Catalogues are published specifically for each different exhibition project. The publishing department of the museum actively works on a variety of publications about art, including themed albums, exhibition catalogues, books about photographers and about artists.

A separate educational project, the Alexander Rodchenko School of Photography and Multimedia, is affiliated with the museum. It offers training for contemporary artists in four areas: documentary photography, art photography, video art, and multimedia. Short-term courses are run to teach the public to take and print photos and edit videos. There are courses designed for beginners as well as for children.

The central hallway and stairwell is one of a kind for Moscow with its clean white lines and staircases, vaguely reminiscent of New York’s Guggenheim or the MOMA. You also can ​make a photoshoot here with the elegant surroundings and a delicate atmosphere.

I was really impressed with how new and interesting this museum was. Especially the exhibition project of the EliKuka Art Group called «The Power of Art. Overdue Anniversary». This is a creative project that connects art with mechanical dynamics, allowing you to experience interesting physics such as levers, rails, or even gym equipment. They all can make art.

Now, the exhibition includes many projects such as «The Victory of the Chinese People through the Lens of a Soviet Photographer» by Vladislav Mikosha; «The Power of Art. Overdue Anniversary» by EliKuka; «I'm not from here, I'm a stranger» by Oleg Tselkov; «Day by Day» by MishMash; «Strangers Don't Walk Here» by Sergei Shutov; «Closer to Meaning» by Nikita Alexeev; «Elsewhere Is What Happens» by Sarah Moon.

The museum is located in Moscow, Ostozhenka st., 16. Its working hours are from 12:00 to 21:00 (ticket office works until 20:30) every day, Monday closed. Admission price ranges from 50-500 rubles. Admission for Students (full-time with ID) – 250 rubles. Especially free admission on Tuesday of every third week of the month.



Text by

Nguyen Ha