HSE Art Gallery

According to the results of the prestigious world educational ranking QS-2021, published on March 4, HSE has improved its position: it entered the top 150 world universities in the subject area "Art and Design" and became the only Russian university represented in this category.

HSE Art Gallery


Gallery of contemporary art HSE ART GALLERY operates on the basis of the School of Design in Moscow. Here are works by contemporary contemporary artists and student projects.

HSE ART GALLERY is a place for experimentation and exchange of experience. In addition to exhibitions, master classes, shows, performances and meetings with artists and curators from Russia and all over the world are held here. The gallery occupies spacious and fully equipped rooms for exhibitions in a building on 12 Malaya Pionerskaya Street.

It has specially equipped exhibition space with a separate entrance. The gallery opening was an important step that followed a successful admissions process for the Modern Art undergraduate programme, which among other fields trains future curators and art managers. Now students will apply the knowledge they have gained within their studies.

According to Yulia Yusma, director of the HSE ART GALLERY:

It is important not only to be able to formulate an artistic position and concepts, but also to take into account the pragmatic side of life - creative economy, technical capabilities, marketing, negotiation. You learn such things only in practice, theory cannot replace real experience. Therefore, when drawing up the gallery program, we adhere to the maximum variety. The exhibition plan consists of very dissimilar projects. We want students to explore different approaches to the creation of exhibitions, to take part in the preparatory processes - from the start to the opening day.

The most recent exhibition on the topic:"Ghostology of Post-Soviet Spaces". The exhibition is the diploma project of Sofia Afanasyeva, a fourth-year undergraduate student in Design and Contemporary Art, in collaboration with her supervisor, Alexandra Kuznetsova. At the stage of preparation for the exhibition, a visual study "Ghostology in Post-Soviet Art" was created - a book that provides an overview of projects by contemporary Russian artists that can be interpreted as falling into this thematic field. The work is part of the diploma and will be presented at the exhibition

A number of artists refer to spaces as a place of action associated with personal memory, family stories and nostalgia. a number of works related to the themes of ruins and utopias. This is the observation of individual places, districts, a certain type of buildings and even entire cities that go away with the Soviet era.

In addition to the exposition in the gallery space, the exhibition also includes an online part, which contains photos, videos, game and web projects.

Do join in this nostalgic and mysterious atmosphere!

Date and time of the exhibition: 12:00 - 20:00 / Wednesday - Sunday

Address: HSE ART GALLERY, st. Malaya Pionerskaya, 12. metro "Paveletskaya"

Free admission

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