Food For The Lazy: Varieties Of Korean Instant Noodles

This article will be useful for students living in a dormitory, as well as for those who do not like or know how to cook preferring fast and easy food.

Food For The Lazy: Varieties Of Korean Instant Noodles

How about Russian Doshirak? Let's be honest, we all sometimes crave to gorge ourselves on instant noodles with a long and scary nutritional list on the back of the package. We want to provide you with a more exotic and slightly healthier (don't be too hopeful) alternative.

Many foreigners believe that all Korean dishes are too spicy. Video challenges (mukbang) where people cry from the spiciness of Korean noodles and vow to never look in its direction again, passing by an Asian food counter in a supermarket are quite common on YouTube. In fact, Korean ramen noodles can be different.

Most likely, the exact noodles with sad legends going around them are «2 x spicy Buldak Bokkeummyeon» from the Samyang brand. Here's our tip for you: if you're afraid of getting into spicy hell, just don't buy noodles in black packaging with a fire symbol.

Believe it or not, the Samyang brand also produces soft flavor ramen. For example, noodles dipped in Chinese caramel sauce «Jjajang Buldak Bokkeummyeon» or «Carbo Buldak Bokkeummyeon» with the taste of creamy carbonara pasta.

In order not to fall into a spicy trap, we recommend trying the Nongshim brand noodles. In particular, the completely vegan «Soon Vegi Cup» noodles with a pleasant and slightly spicy vegetable flavor. This is the brand you can see in Bong Joong Ho's movie «Parasites». The famous «Chapaguri» dish. This name comes from a mixture of the words «Chapaghetti» (the popular Nongship brand noodles in jjajang Chinese sauce) and «Neoguri» (the famous spicy wheat udon noodles with a seafood flavor). Plus, the taste of the noodles also includes the ribeye steak! A truly unforgettable, albeit strange combination. It's definitely worth a try once in a lifetime. This dish is used in the film for a reason. It contains a metaphor: both expensive and cheap ingredients are equal, they complement each other perfectly, just like the Pak and Kim families in the film.

We also recommend the brand Neoguri, which was mentioned above. Their Seafood udon style noodles are not spicy at all and remind many of Japanese udon noodles.

We suppose you already have a rumble in your stomach. Don't restrict yourself and go to explore the shelves of grocery hypermarkets. You will be surprised by the variety of choices and may accidentally get stuck there for a long time!


Text by
Maryana Selezneva