How To Survive The Last Year Without Going Crazy

Maryana Selezneva shares her tips to stay safe during the final year at the University.

How To Survive The Last Year Without Going Crazy

The graduation year is the most difficult not only for schoolchildren, but also for students. Freshmen hear the terrible words "final certification" and "thesis" from the first year but really start to worry only at the end of their studies at the university is near. This article will offer some advice that will be useful for all graduates.

Due to the conditions created by COVID-19, this studying year is especially difficult, so you should be careful about your own condition.

Do not force yourself to study. It's definitely not worth pushing yourself this year. Many people feel bad, but do not pay attention to it. Listen to any signals that your body gives. Studying cannot be more important than your health. It can wait, so take care of yourself if you feel unwell.

A diploma is a voluminous project that requires a long working time. You have heard these words 1000 times already, but we want to remind you to start early. This trivial advice can make things easier for you. After submitting of the work, there is still a public defense that requires separate work and moral preparation. So that the rest of the spring days do not pass in hysterics, start after the New Year's holidays and move forward slowly but surely.

Do not put marks on the diploma higher than the knowledge gained. We hope you've learned this lesson a long time ago. However, there are students who have been more relaxed in previous years, and in the last year, they torture themselves and start a meaningless studying race. Be calm but attentive. Beware of perfectionism. In this case, the results will suit you.

Don't completely rule out "student life" and meeting friends or feeling guilt thinking, "This is the last year so I mustn't have fun". Rest is an important part of your academic year, as well as preparation for the defense of your graduate work! Always make time for it.

In the last year every graduate should create wonderful memories. Despite the fact that studying has changed to an online format and movement around the city is limited, try to walk safely, and not just sit in front of a laptop. We believe that 2021 will be a successful academic year and just happy 365 days for all Higher School of Economics graduates!

Text by
Maryana Selezneva