January 31 - A Day Without Internet

A day without Internet, but with live communication. Let us try to take a break from social networks.

January 31 - A Day Without Internet


To change something, we need to start, first of all, with ourselves. Very often, we do not find time to discuss our interests, hobbies, improve skills, to be with our family, just to relax or take care of ourselves. We always run somewhere, managing to interact with people, mainly in social networks, without any constant communication in life. Of course, to get rid of this running around and dependence on the Internet is impossible, now without it anywhere.

Every day, the first thing we do in the morning is turn on our phones, open different social networks and start texting, recording voice messages or checking our emails. Not mentioning the fact that in addition to networks, there are computer online games or those through special platforms, sites with movies and series, TV online broadcasts, Internet communities and forums, personal blogs in which people spend the whole day sitting at computers. Moreover, there are also those whose work is directly related to the Internet and they cannot do anything without it.


In order to distract from the Internet and social networks, quite advanced and active users of new technologies thought about one initiative and called it a holiday to attract people. Of course, at the beginning of the 21st century, it was much easier to spend a whole day without the latest developments, it was from this time that the holiday began to gain popularity and people paid attention to its celebration. Now almost everyone uses the Internet, even small children from childhood know how to turn on gadgets and go to YouTube. Is not this a reason to spend at least one day without all this, as people used to live: read not publics, but books; talk not with the usage of phone, but in life; see not avatars of people, but each other's faces, even if they are masked because of the pandemic.

Behind this entire tightly formed Internet web, we forget about the most important thing: we are not machines, not robots, we are ordinary people. We need society; it shapes us, influences us and just helps to find our place in the world. Obviously, in the conditions of the coronavirus, it is dangerous to contact people and it is better to refrain from contact, but, nevertheless, the virus is not eternal. Sooner or later, it will end, and all of us can think about how to fix ourselves and everything around us right now. It is time to realize that virtual people will never replace real ones, those who are close to you, your loved ones and relatives.

For this purpose, the International Day without Internet was created, which is celebrated on January 31. By the way, in 2021, this date falls on a Sunday, which means that it will be much easier to spend the day in the real world. In Russia, this holiday has not yet gained much popularity, but its very idea is excellent. In our country, this is most developed in libraries, which open their doors to everyone who wants to attend cultural and educational events. In most other countries, even special events are held for the International Day without the Internet.

Even if this holiday is not so common, but let us try to spend a whole day without the Internet this year and highlight it to those things that we have long postponed. For example, we may visit our relatives, grandparents, whom we so rarely see and who take care of us in a way that no one else can. On this day, we can take care of them. Alternatively, read books that have long been going to read, but did not care about it because of the dependence on the Internet. If possible, just take a walk around the house and get some fresh air, walk through the streets, parks and places where there are few people or even go for a run and make it a good tradition. We can spend a family evening with our parents, brothers and sisters, just talk to them and enjoy live communication.

All that is offered to you is to give up the Internet for the whole day. Complete all your studies and work the day before and spend this day with benefits, do all the things that you put off and just enjoy the feeling of independence from the Internet Web. In addition, we can save some electricity during this day. It will not save the environment in one day, but it certainly will not make it worse.

A day without Internet is a real adventure for a person of the 21st century! Let us go on this journey together!

Text by
Valeriia Pivovarova