Don't Let Deadlines Ruin Your skin

Nga Pham reminds you that it is high time to take a good care of your skin and health.

Don't Let Deadlines Ruin Your skin

Are you the one who stays up late and works a lot? Do you have too many deadlines and home assignments to deal with in a day? Skincare is unnecessary because it just wastes your time? However, these thoughts are slowly destroying your skin and contribute to your aging process faster. Take a few minutes every day to take care of your skin, because this is how your health is reflected in.

Facial exfoliating every week

You thought skincare should only focus on using cleansers and lotions, in fact, you really took care of your skin, but as a result, you still see dull and uneven skin? That is because you've skipped the step of exfoliation, causing these layers of dead skin to build upon your face. They not only make your skin worse but also prevent other moisturizers from working. You should exfoliate your skin 1 to 2 times a week and remember "less is more" because exfoliating can destroy your face skin, leading to irritation. Cream scrub defoliants are good since they are soft and will not cause skin irritation.

Using sunscreen even indoors

It might sound ridiculous because most of us think that sunscreen should be used in the summer and outside, especially in winter the sunlight will fade and not be strong so this skincare step is unnecessary. However, UV rays can still strike your skin regardless of whether you are at home, at the office or the weather is cloudy and foggy, etc. You may not have noticed, but this speeds up the signs of skin aging over time and can lead to skin cancer. Use sunscreen as a step in your moisturizer, and a lightweight sunscreen with SPF from 15 to 30 is highly recommended.  

Boosting moisturizers

Applying sunscreen is not enough because sunscreen only prevents you from exposure to UV rays, it does not moisturize and soften your skin. If you regularly sit in front of the computer, your skin will gradually dry, get rough and become less vibrant, especially skin areas exposed to the computer such as your face, neck, and hands and finally they will become noticeably softer and darker than other parts. Therefore, you should choose skin care products with strong moisturizing abilities to make the skin shiny and smooth, limit the formation of wrinkles, making pores look smaller. Facial mists are also a great hydrating and refreshing step and can keep you awake while working. You can use benign spays to keep your skin safe and still healthy.

Getting enough sleep and drinking plenty of water

Teach yourself the habit of sleeping on time and at least 8 hours per day, if you find it difficult to do that, you can set up a daily plan; try to arrange a balance between completing tasks and sleeping. Staying up late is a common and difficult habit to get rid of. It affects your health and has a terrible impact on the beauty of the skin: dark circles and puffiness appear steadily; skin also becomes dull, prone to blemishes and looks lifeless.

The lack of water has a similar effect on the skin because it lacks moisture. If you are still in the habit of only drinking water when you are thirsty, maybe you should change it by drinking at least 1.5 - 2 litres of filtered water per day. In addition, do not drink too much water at once.

Cutting down on sugar

Sweets can be your "good temporary companion" during stressful sessions and exams, but it is also your skin's enemy because processed sugars, when entering the bloodstream, can destroy collagen, causing the skin to lose its elasticity. If you do not want wrinkles to appear on your face soon, limit sugary treats, and replace them with more healthy variants.

I hope my simple tips will help you to live through the winter time and busy period leaving your skin beautiful and shining.

Text by
Nga Pham