Summer. Energy. Student Squads

Are you active, want to work with your peers and improve some knowledge of Russian? Then the student teams are waiting for you.

Summer. Energy. Student Squads

Student groups (squads) of Saint Petersburg are an organizations that consist of various groups of absolutely different directions. The organization was founded in 1948 and unite students of various schools and universitites of our city. They are involved in various activities: pedagogical and educational, service, guide and conductor, agricultural, constructional and building, medical, archaeological and environmental teams.

Now in all these areas, campaign activity is being carried out, when each group invites everyone to join their ranks. How can this be interesting for you?

Firstly, if you have a good knowledge of Russian, you can join any squad and improve your knowledge of the language speaking to native.

Secondly, you can find a job here for the summer, as well as develop your creativity and gain experience from your like-minded people. 

Thirdly, it is a great way to spend time outside the university walls and take a break from the many tasks and daily routine.

Let us look at each direction in more details.

Teaching teams or pedagogical squads are engaged in preparing people to work with children in summer health and entertainment camps. They can be either regular program camps or specialized ones, such as the English-language camps. Students go out for the whole summer to work and after the shift they become “warriors” of their squad. Each “fighter” receives a green jacket, which is the symbol of the student movement and shows belonging to the organization. It is not fighter in our traditional understanding; it is just a name of participant. During the year, participants must attend special training courses, which is why what they need to know Russian at the A2-B1 level in order to understand the courses.

Service teams are traditionally people who work during the summer in hotels or holiday homes somewhere in the South of Russia. They work as waiters, cleaners, managers at the reception and help in places where they are needed, including kitchen. This is quite a responsible job, but there are also advantages in it. After work, they stay for a short time to rest with the whole group at the sea.

Other lucky people who combine work with leisure are agricultural workers. In the morning and in the daytime they work: they grow vegetables and fruits, tie up grapes. The specific job depends on the team and the place where the people go. Usually, they also work in the South and in the evening can walk, swim, and relax. After the season, which lasts for about 1.5 months, they can also stay as a whole squad and enjoy the summer under the rays of the warm sun.

Construction or building teams work on construction sites, where boys perform construction work, and girls are engaged in more simple one - work of decoration. It is a pretty hard job that will not suit everyone. However, maybe, this is exactly what you have always wanted to do.

Conductors work in trains and are responsible for ensuring that everything is good in their railroad passenger car and everything is enough. Their main task is to provide comfortable conditions for all passengers, so that they are satisfied with the trip. The route of the trip depends on the team and where the chief will employ his squad.

Medical teams help doctors during the holiday season and the work of resorts. Participants work as orderlies, paramedics, in children’s camps. Of course, having a medical education or being a student in this field is very important. However, it is impossible not to highlight their activities. After all, these people are actively helping doctors even now, in time to fight the coronavirus.

The ecological direction is engaged in laying ecological trails, working in museums and nature reserves. They can feel like real scientists. At the moment, there is only one such squad in St. Petersburg.

Finally, the archaeologists. They work in various parts of Russia, where they travel and make expeditions. Their work is absolutely free, because they are engaged in volunteer labor and work for the benefit of science, and not because of material values.

All these areas are unique and give you the opportunity to feel like anyone and get experience in a particular field. In addition, during the year, these people hold various events in which all directions participate, and you can be acquainted with other “warriors”. Unfortunately, all events are currently held remotely, but we hope that they will be held offline very soon.

Therefore, everyone can become a part of this movement. The only condition is that you have to have at least A2 level of knowledge of the Russian language.

Do Join the Squad!

Text by
Valeriia Pivovarova