«We are Together» Is More Than A Sentence

We are Together are not just words. This is an action to help those in need.

«We are Together» Is More Than A Sentence

Volunteering is not just a socially important and significant activity. It gives additional points for admission or increasing scholarship, receiving certificates, merch or some profitable gifts. What is more, this is a state of mind that has no barriers. We are engaged in volunteering primarily not for obtaining some material things, but for something that is priceless, for the usual gratitude of people, for such a pleasant and desirable «Thank You». Now all over the world and our country is no exception, there are outbreaks of coronavirus infection. The situation, unfortunately, is not improving, but only getting worse every day. It is at such times that we most need to know that there is someone who will help us in a difficult situation.

Since March 2020, the all-Russian mutual aid campaign «We are Together» started its existance. Every volunteer aged 18 to 50 years who does not have symptoms of the disease could take part. Volunteers have to complete distance and face-to-face training, get accreditation, and then directly begin to provide the aid. This action was temporarily suspended in the summer due to improvements in the situation in Russia.

As a result of this action, an exhibition of photos depicting the best volunteers of this event was held in the courtyard of the State Academic Chapel in St. Petersburg from September 16 to 30. 27 volunteers were recognized as the most distinguished during the entire campaign. People from absolutely different fields took part in it: theater and film workers, civil servants, students of medical institutions, entrepreneurs, engineers, economists, lawyers, employees of automobile workshops, translators, managers. In particular, one of the students of Higher School of Economics took part and was recognized as one of the most active volunteers.

However, the campaign did not end, and since the end of September, the city volunteer center has resumed its work and started accepting applications for participation in the «We are Together» campaign. According to preliminary forecasts, everyone will be able to take part in it until the end of December. The campaign provides assistance to those in needs in three areas: food and medicine delivery, assistance in medical organizations, or timely psychological assistance. Let us take a closer look at the responsibilities of volunteers in these areas.

A food and medicine delivery volunteer helps people, mostly the elderly, who are quarantined and unable to leave their homes to go outside due to their age. Each volunteer receives an address and a list of necessary products, makes purchases, including essential goods, and then delivers them to the appointed address. During the work, the volunteer is wearing a mask that protects the respiratory system, gloves, as well as a branded vest and accreditation.

No less important is the help of volunteers in various medical organizations. In most cases, this work is performed by students or graduates of medical institutions, medical professionals. They are allowed to work with sick people at all levels of threat, doing breathing exercises with them, measuring their temperature and pressure, monitoring their condition-improvements and deterioration in the course of their illness, working with documentation and simply providing the necessary care for patients.

However, if you do not really want to contact with people directly, but still want to help them and, in addition, you have confirmed certificates in the field of psychology (passing special courses), work experience in medical call centers or a completed education in psychology, you can be useful here (if your candidature is approved). Many people, falling ill with a dangerous coronavirus infection, first of all begin to panic and succumb to stress. The main task of these volunteers is to help people adequately cope with the presence of such a disease and stress response.

If you have long wanted to try to take part in a volunteer campaign and help people who really need it, the «We are Together» campaign is perfect possibility for you. Here you can apply all your skills in an emergency situation. For further information and to apply the campaign, you can visit the following sites: https://vk.com/volspbcenter and https://dobro.ru/event/10015902

However, firstly, take care of your health and safety.

Text by
Valeriia Pivovarova