Working And Studying: Myth Or Reality?

Ekaterina Srebrodolskaya reflects on the issue of working and studying at the same time.

Working And Studying: Myth Or Reality?

Many students, especially in the 3rd and 4th years of university, wish to start working for various reasons: some want to gain working experience and others can be in the need for their own money and wish to become responsible for their own life. However, many of them are confused how can they manage to study, keep the high rating position and also to work. Besides, it is always a problem to apply for the position when you are a student and can only work part-time. There are too many questions: Where is it better to search for a job? What positions will be suitable for me? How will I manage my timetable? How my professors will react if I miss classes because of work?

Nevertheless, gaining working experience during university years can be crucial for your future so do not be afraid to risk!

First, do not search something like “work for students”, “part-time job” because it will be works and positions that are not connected to your major or not even require special education or knowledge that you have been already gained in the University. Look for job ads that are interested to you and somehow connected to the field that you plan to work after graduation.

It is time to start learning the basics of the profession in practice. Feel free to search for jobs in your professional field, and do not be confused by the infinite number of required skills and the lines "required higher professional education" and "work experience in a similar position for at least one year". These extensive numbers of requirements in most cases excessive and overvalued, so do not rush to give up before you even start. Of course, you should not lie to the employer, giving yourself mythical skills and abilities that you do not have, but showing yourself as a young talented specialist with a new fresh vision who is ready to learn a lot can be your key for success.

Time for successful story from one of our students

Let me introduce you Akmal Tadgibaev who is both a student in HSE SPb (4th year of study, bachelor program “Political Science And World Politics”) and a manager in the Department of Marketing Communications.

Akmal Tadgibaev
Akmal Tadgibaev
Why and how did you decide to start working in the department of marketing communications management in HSE SPb?

HSE Saint Petersburg gave me a chance to try myself in different areas of event organization. I volunteered at university and participated a lot of events, which organized by the marketing communications management. When I was at the 2nd year of studying with the HSE Saint Petersburg support I organized TEDx event and decided that I am really interested in event management and after my exchange program I got a chance to send my CV to that department.

What do you like most in your work?

I like my colleagues and the atmosphere in our office. I know that I am not alone and I can develop new skills. 

How is it to work and study in the same place?

It’s very comfortable since I already knew the structure of our University and I didn’t need additional time to learn how everything works.

Is it difficult to combine work and study? How do you manage it?

I think that it is not that difficult as it may be seen. My job and my education don’t affect each other since I work part time. It allows me to develop my skills at work and gaining the academic knowledge at my educational classes.

Do you have any useful tips about time management? What can you recommend for those who want to start working during their studies?

I think that it’s really interesting question. I try to organize my day using “to do” lists and making notes both digital in my phone and using “physical” notebook. It allows me to structure my day and highlight important tasks. In addition, to structure my work I use scrum and mind maps. I think that in such questions the only recommendation is to do what is comfortable for you personally. Among my friends there are people who can easily manage their timetable without necessity for making notes but there are also friends who plan every second. I believe that you should different techniques and use the one which is comfortable for you. It can be everything: notes, to do lists, Trello, kanban, jira etc.

What are your plans for future?

I want to continue developing my skills to continue growing and realizing my professional ambition, getting new experience.

Useful sources where can you search and apply for a job

All campuses of HSE have really good Centers of career development that always ready to help you to search and apply for jobs and internships in partner-companies of our HSE.

Telegram channel of Center of career development in Saint-Petersburg where you can find job openings: 


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Interview by
Ekaterina Srebrodolskaya