Extreme Sports In HSE: EVS Club

Surfing, AVS, skiing, snowboarding and lots other kinds of extreme sports in HSE.

Extreme Sports In HSE: EVS Club


In HSE you can find a lot of student organizations that students can choose to their liking.  Extreme Sports Club (EVS) is a big friendly family. Students from EVS will help test their strength, get into the exciting world of adventure, overcome their fear of risk, speed, height together with new friends.

In the EVS Club you can choose extreme sports from a huge list:

  • horseback riding
  • ATVs
  • skiing
  • snowboarding
  • kite surfing
  • surfing
  • tourlets
  • mountain hiking
  • alloys
  • cycling trips
  • parachute
  • paintball
  • running club
  • wind surfing
  • tracking
  • wakeboarding
  • various trips and much more

The EVS club annually hosts the HSE SNOW FEST, where you can enjoy free snowboarding and skiing. And if you do not know how, experienced instructors will teach you. The program includes a concert, various contests, photo zones and much more interesting events.

Traveling with the EVS club is suitable not only for Russian, but also for foreign students. This is not the first time foreigners have participated in EVS trains. Gropus usually includes students and graduates of the HSE, students from other universities, teachers, and foreign friends (average age of 19 to 35 years).

EVS also conducts yoga classes and tells how to properly break off asanas, what exercises are useful for what, how to build your own practice and climbing classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at the DDS climbing wall. Classes are suitable for experienced and for beginners. For beginners:  you will find out new information about safety measures at the climbing wall, insure and climb with top insurance and the basic technique. For experienced: there is the ability to climb with both upper and lower insurance. Also, feedback on the technique from the coach and interesting tracks are included.

Text by
Anastasia Oleksenko