Vintage Stores In Saint Petersburg

Darya Serzhantova compiled a list of vintage stores for you.

Vintage Stores In Saint Petersburg

Today, during the unstable situation with the dollar, prices are growing mercilessly. The cost of unique and branded items may not be available to many now. There is a way out – vintage stores. Saint Petersburg is the capital of Russian vintage.

1. «Yellow Hanger» (Zheltaya veshalka)

Zhukovskogo St., 39

metro station - Ploshchad’ Vosstaniya

The second-hand “Yellow Hanger” store opened two years ago in a tourist shopping center: those who do not find new things in the “Gallery”, come here for vintage – Olympic sweatshirts of the 90s and plaid scarves like in English films.

It is better to dress here than in the mass market and not meet 10 people in the same coat. I will never leave the store without buying  a dress, a sweater or a new brooch. The first is at the Hanger on average 900 rubles, the second is 1000 rubles, and the third is from 200 rubles and goes to the store directly from abroad. - Masha, 23 years old.

2. OFF

nab. Obvodnogo kanala, 60

metro station - Obvodnyy kanal

Shoes from the time of Greta Garbo, knitted vests “Olympics-80”, trendy suits of pilots and the only collection of silk cylinders in the city – these things come to St. Petersburg from all over Europe, Asia and Russia. How to wear them in the 21st century and not to look boring, the owners of “Off” owners explain directly on Instagram: fashion historians, top stylists and ballet dancers observe fashion experiments. Do not miss it!

3. Showroom Room Store

Griboyedov Canal, 26

On the rails there are Ben Sherman shirts, Burberry raincoats, Lacoste polos, and among the most frequent brands are Tommy Hilfiger and Cheap Monday. They only buy things for the Room Store that they would wear themselves. Accordingly, there are more men's things than for  women. Prices for them are also set on their own flair: almost all sneakers cost less than a thousand, only leopard, the most beautiful, according to the owners, — 1,400 rubles. Among the shoes are mainly Timberland, Vans and Converse, and the most expensive thing in the store is red Wings Shoes for 6 000 rubles.

4. Retro Shop

Karavannaya St., 22

The store operates on the principle of a classic commission: clothing most often comes from the commissioners who conclude an agreement with the store. The commission fee adds to the amount declared by the owner a 100% mark-up, and if the item is not bought within the indicated period, then it will be returned back to the owner. In most cases, brand new items from old collections fall into the store. Special attention is paid to shoes - here are collected shoes and sandals Yves Saint Laurent, Prada, Miu Miu and D&G in excellent condition.

5. Utopia

Kazanskaya St., 7

Things in the store are divided into three groups: new clothes made by young designers and owners' friends, vintage and individual items bought in European stores. Things are mostly found in proven second-hand clothes in Finland and Sweden, more than half of them are men's. Street wear is preferred by brands such as Dickies, Carhartt or Karhu. Prices are quite high, but the condition of things is almost always perfect. The most expensive item - 1982 Nike sneakers for 5,000 rubles

Tour by
Darya Serzhantova