Changing Universities

Milana Polozova talks about her studying at Russian State University for the Humanities.

Changing Universities

High school prepares students for the university. Someone immediately understands what he wants to do in adult life. Many young people are often forced to go to the university by their parents.

My story began in the 10th grade when I entered the design department of Higher School of Economics. The teachers taught us to think creatively and show our world from different view points. It was great!
In the 11th grade, I thouhgt about making creative projects and totally forgot about the neccessity to get prepared for the Unified State Examination. I spent a lot of time drawing posters, performing creative tasks and did not understand what I wanted to do in the future. Due to the fact that there was no clear understanding of where I saw myself in the future, the situation was difficult. After passing the exams, I realized that I could enter only the Russian State Unversity for the Humanities, but not the Higher School of Economics, which was interesting to me as a university.

Studying at RSUH was very easy compared to the HSE. I studied at the faculty of journalism and learnt Swedish. My studies were more like philology than journalism. There were few lessons and a lot of free time. RSUH had many extra-curricular sections, so I enrolled in chess.

After studying for 3 months, I realized that studying did not give me pleasure. The knowledge I received at the HSE lyceum was deeper than that of the RSUH.

In November, I found out that the Higher School of Economics had a faculty of media communication, which I immediately fell in love curriculum. In December, I took the documents and started preparing for the exams in Russian, English and Literature. It was difficult. Every day I had to read and solve many problems for the final exam.

In May, my nerves were at their limit. I decided that I wanted to enter the best Russian University. I did not sleep at night to learn the theory better and get into HSE. Then there were hard exams, a hopeful expectation of final scores. And so, I am a student of the best university!

Sometimes I regret leaving because I lost a year. It can be sad that I have to study a lot and do not always have enough time to work. But as long as I am young, I want to achieve a lot, and this requires education.

Studying at the Higher School of Economics is aimed at group work and constant practice. This is important for the future profession and for the ability to communicate with people.

Text by
Milana Polozova