How To Overcome Homesickness Studying Abroad

4 Russian exchange students sharing lifehacks on getting over homesickness while studying abroad.

How To Overcome Homesickness Studying Abroad

Being far away from home and relatives may seem depressive for some of students and even be the reason not to go on exchange to study abroad. Although it is obviously not that easy to live miles apart from the ordinary life, it is still an exciting experience of meeting new people, gaining new skills and broadening the view on the world.

Nevertheless, a lot of students dare to set off on this adventure. Let us find out what helps them to get rid of anxiety and start feeling comfortable and not homesick at all.

Ekaterina, Freie Universität Berlin

Being abroad, away from your friends, family and everything what you had before causes the feeling of homesickness, even if you’re the most positive, open-minded and optimistic person.

I’ve recently faced it and tried different ways in order to overcome it:

  • Develop yourself and participate in as many different events as possible to keep yourself distracted
  • Remind yourself that soon you’ll be back. It’s just a period of time that was given to you to explore and experience something absolutely new
  • Talk to someone from exchange friends. They are facing the same thing for sure. They will understand you and you can come up with some great ideas as traveling!

Fedor, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México

Although I still miss home I’m just trying not to overthrow myself with such thoughts. I believe that the most important thing is to find a balance between home and what is happening in the country where you are.

 That’s what helps me a lot:

  • Regular family and friends calls
  • Meeting new friends among local people, being in touch with a local culture
  • Enjoying every moment of your experience abroad and not overthinking about other issues
  • Even if you feel homesick, just go through that smoothly and consciously, and, as a result, reflect on how much you love and value your home

Silva, Sciences Po Paris

Here are some lifehacks that helped me to get rid of homesickness:

  • Be open to new experience - do something you would never do back at home
  • Join associations at your university. It is a great opportunity to meet local students that can give you some tips and advice
  • Explore the city you're living in - find your favorite place that makes you feel calm and relaxed
  • Always remember that you are the lucky one who is granted with an opportunity to live abroad, learn a new culture and language, meet people from all over the world, travel!

Polina, Leiden University

I love my family and my Moscow. I think about home every day, yet do not let myself overthink, which prevents from enjoying the life abroad.

I have several simple but very important tips:

  • Сook or just eat something that reminds you of home
  • Be thankful for where you are
  • Listen to a playlist that makes you happy
  • Make a dashboard of photos with your friends, family etc.

We hope that these simple advice will help you enjoy your international experience without feeling homesickness.

Text by
Elizaveta Alekseeva