Some Educational TikTok Accounts to Follow

Mikhail Petrov and his choice of  intellectual  TikToks.

Some Educational TikTok Accounts to Follow

TikTok is a social media platform that grows enormously and is proclaimed to become a new YouTube in the future. For now, it’s mostly associated with fine videos, dances, musical videos and so on. However, there are plenty of useful content produced, including those that include dancing and jokes, but with educational purposes, here is my top (all in English).

1. @Onlyjayus

Psychology. This lady has more than 6 million followers and she makes videos about interesting psychology, sociology and all around that facts. One of my favorite rubrics is - “psychology tips to f@ck with someone’s mind”. The account is quite fun and informative.

2. @Slaviccaesar

History. This account is one of my favorites, its author – an American girl of Slavic and Roman ancestry and she is obsessed with history and shares tones of interesting and important history facts. She can speak about concentration camps or feminine in the USSR, but also about sexual history or history of different torture methods. Strongly recommended.

3. @thinker

Facts of the day. Just random facts with humor and nice graphics. Could include facts about biology, history and whatnot. One of the last videos was talking about how white chocolate isn’t a chocolate at all, another one was about taste receptors or Bill Gates, for example.

4. @arsenthescienceguy

Science facts. An author is a Pharmacy candidate, very smart looking man, who shares knowledge about science related things, such as biology, physics and so on. One of the videos I couldn’t stop watching is where he would show and comment the video of a parasite being removed from a bee – very fascinating.

5. @howtobasic

Classics – how-to videos. Doesn’t need an explanation – video tips on issues like fixing your nails or creating a perfect burger.

6. @Logicalfinance

Money and Economics. The author is an MBA and a financial analyst, who talks about business, marketing, economics. Some of the videos include history of some personalities, some explain financial schemes, some explain economic concepts.

I hope now your procrastination on tiktok will be more productive, you can also follow me there, I do talk about urban studies, political science and so on @mishahah – but my videos are in Russian.

Text by
Mikhail Petrov