Movies To Watch

Olga Kudryavtseva and her choice of movies for you.

Movies To Watch

The best films are not movies about superheroes, but films that are as close to reality as possible. Yes, many people like to watch about the lives of other people, which is why Instagram is so popular. So, students, most likely, are interested in watching films about students, especially about students in other countries. I offer you my selection of American films for students about students.

Social network is a film about creating Facebook based on real events. Almost the majority of the film tells the story of Mark Zuckerberg in his student years. It is no secret that many, like him, want to succeed by creating something of their own and changing the world. It is always interesting to watch the stories of the emergence of great people.

If in your student years you are already thinking about your own business, developing a startup or deepened in creativity - you will be imbued with the atmosphere of this film. Social network inspires and motivates greatly.

You can also watch Pitch Perfect if you are interested in movies in the spirit of achieving goals. This is a story about a girl who went to college, dreaming of working in a recording studio. She is a rather closed person, therefore, and she enters into a club of her interests (choir) completely by accident. However, exactly there she finally express herself.

The film will be interesting not only for creative people, especially musicians, but also for those who are just starting their student paths; for you, watching a film can be a push in the right direction.

If all this is of no interest to you, and you just want to relax, then you should see Neighbors (2 parts).

The plot is wrapped up in the fact that in the neighborhood with the house of a married couple a student fraternity is populated. Between them begins a "war", as a married couple wants peace, and students want to have fun, smoke and drink. The film in a funny context tells about the typical student life and about the lives of people, who have already come out of this student age.

In the opposite case, if you are a lover of dramas, I advise the Riot Club. This is a drama film about rich students who enrolled at Oxford University. They are all set for the future, have great goals, so they found a riot club, wanting to change the world. However, their selfishness and depravity lead to well-deserved and deplorable consequences. The film perfectly shows how you shouldn’t behave, and what kind of person you shouldn’t be.

Finally, I recommend to everyone a rather unusual film - After the Dark. It differs from previous films in the selection. It isn’t about student life, but about one lesson of philosophy. In the film, a philosophy teacher gives a task among 20 students - to choose 10 of them, who fall into the shelter and survive after the apocalypse. If you like to think about the world, about acting in a particular situation - be sure to watch this movie.

In general, choose the most interesting option, stock up on popcorn with tea and have a good evening.

Text by
Olga Kudryavtseva