HSE School Of Young Orientalists

Some words about the School of Young Orientalists.

HSE School Of Young Orientalists

We all know that HSE has a great number of various Departments. One of them is School of Asian Studies, which specializes on Asian and African Studies. It provides students with an amazing opportunity to study different Asian languages and focus on cultural, economic and political development of Asian countries. What makes the faculty so wonderful is that it also gives high schoolers an opportunity to take part in the university life and get to know HSE even before becoming full-time HSE students themselves.

One of such opportunities is given by the School of Young Orientalists (SYO), which was established in 2011. We interviewed the head of the SYO Julia Korovina, asking her some questions about the work of the school.

The goal of the organization is to help pupils learn what Asian studies is all about and finally decide on what future career path they are ready to follow. Julia Korovina

During the events and lectures organized by the SYO, future students get some knowledge about the main development trends of countries and peoples of the East. In addition, pupils are also taught the skills necessary for further studies in higher education institutions, namely: writing scientific papers, working with sources and literature, conducting scientific discussions and making presentations.

Thus, the trainings in the framework of the SYO gives high schoolers an opportunity to successfully be acquainted with the “student life,” waiting for them in just a couple of years. Besides, the successful completion of the SYO courses increases the chances of becoming HSE students after finishing school.

What is really great about the school is that it is absolutely free of charge. Julia Korovina commented on it saying that the professors at the SYO are interested in having talented and enthusiastic high school students, eager to learn more about the Asian countries.

There should be not price tag on interest. Therefore, the students attending the school don’t pay anything.

Text by
Veronika Mark