Museums Online

The end of quarantine is coming, but some habits developed during this period will stay with us. It is visiting interesting places online.  

Museums Online

We continue watching new exhibitions online, so an overview of the ongoing events are here for you.

Moscow City Museum

On the channel you can take virtual tours of the exhibitions in the Museum of Moscow and in the halls of the Petrovsky Palace, listen lectures and discussions. A range of conversations “How city life is changing”, a series of online meetings “We are at home today”, and a lecture “Conversation with a connoisseur of Moscow. Moscow districts" are available to view as well.

Museum-panorama «Battle of Borodino»

Watch video recordings of excursions and lectures on the military history of Russia, opera performances and the mini-performance «Read “Borodino”», the scenery for which was the panorama of The Battle under Borodino. Those who want to understand museum concepts and terms will be interested in the “Clear Museum” video cycle. A series of video excursions in Russian sign language has been prepared for people with hearing impairments.

Moscow literary museum center of K.G. Paustovsky

Here you can get acquainted with video tours of the main museum exposition, take part in the reader’s contest “Dedication to Paustovsky” and see many other museum videos.

State Biological Museum named after K.A. Timiryazev

Learn little known facts about museum exhibits, listen popular science lectures, visit virtual workshops and excursions, go to the backstage of the museum.

The State Historical, Architectural, Art and Landscape Museum-Reserve “ Tsaritsyno”

You will find many fascinating broadcasts, informative conversations and interesting guests’ lectures in the new online studio of the museum in the Opera House.

So, summertime is a perfect period to have some rest and get to see something new. Today museums provide an excellent opportunity to learn new information and remotely visit to sights and exhibitions.

Text by
Krisitina Kondakova