TikTok Generation

Anna and Sergey try to understand Tiktok’s popularity.

TikTok Generation

Today we would like to talk about an app that became the next big thing in 2019, TikTok. In a nutshell, it is a social network where people can share short funny videos of themselves using the variety of effects. Data says that at the end of 2019 TikTok had around 800 million users around the world and that average user spends around 52 minutes in app per day [1], that's a huge number for sure.

So why is it popular? TT is a good mix of everything that people love doing on social networks - fooling around and making simple, funny, but viral content. Tiktok provides all the functions for that - comfortable feed and easy usage of platform, incredible opportunities of editing from effects to music. Let’s discuss some points of app’s popularity.

  • Format

    The content consumption format in Tiktok is an analog of popular Insta Stories, and if dig even deeper, then the once popular Snapchat. 15 seconds is an ideal format for consumption on a social network. Users view the videos as if eating a pack of chips: quickly, one after another. It provides sticking to the app, many teenagers spend there hours (especially during the stay home time).

  • Algorithm

    Many companies, sites and social networks have long been using the capabilities of artificial intelligence and amaze their users with recommendations. Such examples are streaming platforms like Spotify or Netflix - they create a feed for the user based on what they liked. Tiktok is not an exception. Its algorithm very accurately guesses your preferences. It usually takes 1-2 days to set up the feed.

  • Creating

    All social networks are developing at the expense of their content. It’s very easy for a Tiktok’s user to produce content, create a video. The built-in editor is quick and easy to use. In addition, there is a large number of filters and masks. Creating a colorful clip with cool filters in TikTok does not require so much effort.

  • Content

    Tiktok content is very diverse. There is literally everything here: challenges, memes, lifehacks, dances, political campaigning and aesthetic videos. In a word, there is a place for everyone.

  • Marketing in Tiktok

    Today TikTok is a very successful marketing tool in communication field and there are many ways in which you can use it for your brand [2]. For example, you can make content about your product, that won't irritate your target audience. As you may know, a lot of primitive ways of advertising doesn't really work that good nowadays because of the changes in our society. What we mean is what people nowadays dislike "straight to face" type of advertisement, results of this type of ad is not that satisfying as they might have been. So, this is where TikTok gives a helping hand to people interested in advertisement of their product. In TikTok you can create a new content about your product, that will be interesting for the audience. You can make backstage videos about your business, everyday-life videos about people using your products and simply show people what your brand can offer them. In the era of consumers, skeptical to ads, this is a great way to promote product.

Furthermore, TikTok is an interesting platform, that can really successfully make musicians famous. Let's take a look at an interesting case to see how popularity of this app and its' users work. In 2019 famous rapper Lil Nas X released a new track called Old Town Road and it became very popular because of the TikTok [3]. This app made this song simultaneously a meme and a banger [3] and nowadays in song became a meme, it means that the musician who is author of this song will become very famous in most cases.


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Text by

Anna Bogun

Sergey Nesterov