Summer Break Is Coming

Kristina Kondakova found out what students will be doing during the summer.

Summer Break Is Coming

This year was full of different events and challenges. We faced a new format of educational process and examination, dealt with distance working and awful Internet connection. However, summer break is coming up, so, it is time to make plans for the holidays.

Speaking about summer break in HSE, it is important to talk about HSE University summer schools. According to the web-site, in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, they can only be held online (until the end of August 2020). The training offered at these schools not only provides an educational programme but also involves participation in design and research work. Summer school students learn modern methods of applied research, take part in practical exercises, and develop and discuss research projects: Schools are conducted in different languages.

However, there is still time before the schools begin work in July; the examination and post- examination plans are on the agenda. We asked different students to find out what they are going to do straight after finals.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus forced me to change my summer plans, but expectations of the vacation have not got pessimistic. Just after passing my exams, at last I am going to meet with my beloved friends, spend a day in the country and, eventually, take up sports. I will read books and watch all books and films postponed because of educational process as well.Ekaterina Butuzova

After my last exam I will turn off my computer and go out for a week with all my friends and acquaintances. Now I’m tired of being at home 24/7, I want to feel alive, meet face-to-face (not only as icons in ZOOM). Then I am going to disconnect from all social networks for a week and dive into the world of good literature which I miss all over the year.Ekaterina Kozlova

The first thing I would like to do after the examination and the quarantine is to meet with my friends, throw a party and gradually make up for the time we spent inside our houses. What is more, I am going to run outside, because I am tired of doing sports on my elliptical machine.Valeria Shemyshevskaya

Considering the current situation, I can't plan any trips now, but if I get an opportunity, I will go to Saint Petersburg or to Yekaterinburg to visit my grandmother. Otherwise, I am going to walk a lot, meet all my friends, get together in the country.Masha Vokhmyanina

In the near future all exams will be passed. We hope that everybody has already planned summer holidays and is ready to have a break. Summer holidays at HSE last from July 1 to August 31. We’ll be ready by autumn.

Text by 
Kristina Kondakova