MA: Admission And Planning

Choosing a master's degree can be easier if do everything in advance. It's in your best interest to choose a better future.

MA: Admission And Planning

The choice of a master's degree is very important, as this education should already be specialized and directly related to your future professional activity. In this article, I will try to formulate steps that can help you make the right choice of a master's degree, or at least direct your thoughts in the right direction.

There is a stereotype that only those who plan to study science in the future should go to master's degree. That's not quite true. Those who want to build a career in the industry or launch their own startup should also go to the master's program. All three goals can be achieved one way or another after mastering a good master's program. Such programs give the student a choice: he can determine for himself whether his master's work will be theoretically, practically and entrepreneurially oriented. Russian universities have master's programs, the structure of which allows students to form their educational trajectory in any of these areas.

Choosing a master's degree, I would first of all pay attention to the program and the list of professors. It is important to understand whether the courses offered will give you a good start in your chosen career: in science, industry or business.

And, of course, the professors. When deciding on a potential academic advisor, even before entering a master's program, do not limit yourself to viewing their list: study the latest publications to represent what research they are currently conducting and what topics they are working on. Consider whether these topics may be close to you as part of your future research.

It is necessary to find out with whom from employers the program chosen by you cooperates, how much on time practice has to last, after all practical experience is so appreciated at future employers, especially if it was in the same sphere. Look at the curriculum of your program, whether you like the whole set of disciplines, whether you are ready to devote yourself to the learning process. Find out your schedule and estimate your strength, whether you can combine work and study. To get acquainted with the faculty and the program it is better to visit the open day, our University often hosts such events, however, if you have any questions they can always be solved by phone or with the Manager of the program.

When applying for each program, there is a list of admission conditions, it should be carefully studied and begin to prepare a package of documents in advance. Usually it can be your CV, where you should write briefly information about you, paying special attention to educational achievement and of course working experience, if you have it. Then there are letters of recommendation from professors at your University where you are studying or have studied for an undergraduate degree, and a plus would be to take letters of recommendation from employers of your practice. In addition, publications or participation in conferences, especially on the topic of your future academic profile can also play in your favor in the competition for admission.

In conclusion, we must conclude that the choice of a master's degree is a responsible step that you need to start thinking in advance. The most important steps are to be absolutely sure that you have studied all the details of the program, your future prospects after and prepared all the documents and are ready to go to your goal and participate in the competition.

Text by
Ekaterina Borisova