Business Ideas For Students

Anna Makhorkina and her ideas how students can earn some money.

Business Ideas For Students

I decided to highlight ideas for students, as well as teenagers, who can already earn money in the conditions in which they are now. It is not possible to work full-time, with a normal schedule, but the your own HSE schedule allows you to devote your free time to start earning money. So here are five good ideas for you.

  • Teaching a subject

    The advantages of a student tutor are that it does not yet have professional burnout, such as some teachers who have worked for many years. Mostly teachers in schools and higher educational institutions it is only a job. Students have a youthful maximalism, they are able to creatively approach the learning process. They can build learning in a playful way for children, or by some modern innovative technique, easily find an approach to any child or adult. Especially good help in learning a foreign language, a student who himself was abroad on exchange programs, studying or lived a certain time. Such students know the language better than a teacher who has worked all his life in an educational institution.

  • Sell handmade goods

    Hand-made has become very popular in the last decade. Handmade products made in a single copy are in demand among buyers and cost much more than typical factory items. The pros to earn money, following the creativity: efficiency, total freedom, no bosses, work from home, the allotment of your time. You can start with friends and acquaintances – ask them to give an honest assessment of your work. Most often it can be knitting, jewelry making, beading, wooden products. You definitely need to take it seriously and study what you do very well. Try to come up with something unique. Sometimes life goes back to old technologies, and sometimes new creative solutions may occur. There are so many options on our modern world. Look for what is closer to you.

  • Create your podcast

    An audio podcast is a set of series of approximately the same length of audio recordings that have a common theme and are somehow related to each other. Episodes of the podcast are usually released regularly, at the same time. You can listen to them on the website or download to your mobile device, and listen in a convenient place at a convenient time. Podcasts can be conducted in the format of a monologue, an interview, a conversation with more than one guest, etc. Given that listening to audio does not require such mental effort on the part of listeners, such as reading an article or even watching a video, audio podcast is easier to digest – this explains its popularity. With the help of audio podcast, you can reach people when it cannot be achieved in any other way – on a walk, driving, jogging, etc. This allows you to reach the audience even more. Make sure you have all the equipment which you need to create a podcast (or purchase one):  computer, microphone, headphones (without microphone, of course), program for recording and editing audio.

  • Walking dogs

    It would seem, a good income. But is it really "work for all"? During a walk with an animal, various unpleasant incidents can happen, and the person who offered his services will have to be responsible for the pet. Therefore, certain requirements also exist here. The work is suitable for students. Walk with the animal will have in winter on snowdrifts, and in the summer heat, and in the rain. It is important to have a physical force -  an ability to keep pet under desire to escape. Before you take responsibility for the animal, you need to learn a little dog psychology, to understand what ways the dog can be stopped if there are force majeure. An ideal option – if you had/ have a dog. If you have never had a pet, you definitely should not be taken for walking large ones. They pay more for them – but it's better to start with a Spaniel or a poodle.

  • Photographer at events

    The duties of the photographer include shooting various events, objects or people. The task – to make a cool picture for which you will be paid. You also need the ability to work in photoshop to process photos. The work is universal – you can get a job in the company on a permanent basis or be independent (offer to do a photo shoot at weddings/corporate parties and so on). Often the services of a photographer are the usual people who need great pictures. Also, the photographer needs to have a portfolio. It is not difficult to replenish it – offer a free (well, or with a minimum payment) photo shoot to friends or acquaintances.

Text by
Anna Makhotkina