Responsible Party: A Way To Prevent Binge-Drinking

Elizaveta Alekseeva shows smart and simple ways of enjoying the party with no negative consequences.

Responsible Party: A Way To Prevent Binge-Drinking

Responsible Party is a project sponsored by Pernod Ricard – French company that produces alcoholic beverages. It is one of Pernod Ricard's commitments to the European Commission's European Alcohol and Health Forum. The project is supported by Erasmus Student Network and has been promoted at student parties since 2011 reaching out over 400,000 students of 32 countries to date.  

Responsible Party is about reducing the overconsumption of alcohol among young adults by influencing their attitudes and behaviors using the peer-to-peer approach. Within the party well-trained students become ambassadors and so-called role-models to organize activities for other students following the aim to make their night last longer while staying in good shape and avoiding situations they would regret in the morning.

What are the aims of the project?

  1. Raise awareness among students about the health effects of alcohol consumption
  2. Create healthier attitudes on problems of drunkenness, alcohol poisoning and assaults
  3. Contribute to the reduction of binge drinking and promote responsible drinking among students
  4. Reduce alcohol-related harm during student parties

Students are also getting advised on basic rules for a Responsible Party to make the night to remember:

  • Don’t go to the party on an empty stomach
  • Take drinks at responsible intervals (1 unit of alcohol which equals 10 gr of pure alcohol)
  • Avoid shots, take long drinks
  • Let the glass empty before you ask for a refill
  • Drink more water and eat more snacks
  • There is no “hard” or “soft” alcohol. It is the quantity of pure alcohol that matters
  • Don’t drink and drive

In December 2018 ESN HSE Moscow became the first ESN section in Russia to collaborate with Pernod Ricard on organizing the Farewell Party within the framework of responsible drinking. More than 150 students participated in the event and appreciated the idea of raising the alcohol overconsumption awareness.

Responsible doesn’t mean less fun. Responsible means less problems and more memories to recall.

Text by
Elizaveta Alekseeva​​​​​​​