10 Weight Loss Mistakes

Weight loss mistakes we all do that keep us from reaching our goal weight, shape, feel or lifestyle.

10 Weight Loss Mistakes

Sometimes we just do not know that we are the reason why we cannot reach our goals.

You can’t outrun your bad diet

Unless you are an athlete, it doesn’t matter how many times you go to the gym, you’ve probably consumed way more calories than you actually burn. When you consume bad type of food, like junk food, you will not see the result. No matter how much you work out, the only thing you will reach this way is a demotivation. So, the rule to live by – 80% diet, 20% exercise. Remember: exercise sustains weight loss, but a healthy diet is what drives it

Only doing cardio

You may lose weight faster doing cardio, but the problem is that it’s the wrong kind of weight. Cardio alone burns both fat and muscle. So, if you do want to see changes in your physical appearance you have to incorporate strength training into your workout routine. This way you will basically build your lean muscle mass, which elevates your metabolism and actually helps you with burning fat even when you’re not exercising.

Not drinking enough water

No matter what your goal is you need to drink water. Our body is composed of 60% water and that helps with our digestion, circulation and so on. Drinking water boosts your metabolism and helps your body to get rid of waste. If you consume the proper amount of water your body will not retain water, so, you will lose this ‘water weigh’ that a lot of people carry.

Not eating enough

Many people have an idea that if we stop eating we’re going to lose weight. But in reality when you start starving your body it goes into this ‘cannibalizing mode’ – it starts retaining everything in order to save itself. So, make sure to consume healthy food in a proper amount.

Not eating breakfast

Of course it doesn’t mean you should hop on the breakfast the first minute you wake up. It’s better to start the day with a glass of water with some lemon and in about half an hour you can get to your breakfast. There are a lot of scientific researches proving that eating breakfast might help you to lose weight, other state that it does help in losing weight. It doesn’t have to be a big meal like English breakfast, but it’s better to give the energy to your body by simply eating some Greek yoghurt with granola, smoothie or at least a little bit of nuts with some fruit.

Drinking empty calories

Alcohol, soda, sugar pad juices contain so much discussing ingredients. There is 0 nutrition. Drinking it you just put your body in a crazy sugar rush making you addicted to it. If you’re addicted to that fizz and you want something bubbly, you can have carbonated water with a little bit of fresh juice in it.

Your portion sizes

Counting calories is not the best option in a sustainable lifestyle. Learning what a proper portion size is so important for you and it will really make eating healthier easier and better.

  • Use a hand guide for protein, carbs, fat (you can find pictures on google) – using your hand will really show you how much you should have of that specific food;
  • Use smaller plates – visually and psychologically your brain will think that there is a lot of food in your plate comparing to the same amount of food in a bigger plate. So, in a bigger plate our brain is tend to think that there is less food even if there is the same amount because of the empty space on your plate;
  • Learn how your plate should look like – make sure that half of your plate is greens as salad and vegetables (50%), another half should be divided in 2 sections – protein (30%) and starch (20%).

Eating out a lot

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat out at all – it’s a part of socializing. The problem is when you don’t cook yourself and order food you don’t know how much sugar, sauces and additives it contains. So, it is better to eat at home as much as you can, when you can monitor and control all the food you consume. This way it’s better not only for your body, but for your budget as well.

Focusing on a quick fix

There are so many diets that are coming out on a daily basis – keto, paleo, vegan and so on. There is so much information on internet, it’s not always that easy to understand what is really good for a sustainable lifestyle. All the bodies are different, so, you should learn what is the best option for your body. Try to incorporate some tips you find healthy in your daily routine. Don’t go for extreme diets cutting everything to 500 calories or eating only apples for the whole day. It’s unhealthy for you both physically and mentally.

Not planning ahead

It is not necessary to do a meal preparation every week, but if you fail to plain, you’re planning to fail. You can start with just making small butches things that you actually eat – protein, steamed vegetables and so on. Having them in your fridge throughout the week will make it much easier to pick a healthy option you’ve prepared for yourself ahead. If it’s possible pack your lunch and take it with you, so, there is always good food by your side. Plan your work out classes and activities with friends, so, there is no chance for you to skip it.

Stay healthy and love yourself!

Text by
Anastasia Eremko