Unusual Gifts Ideas

If you are get tired of boring ordinary gifts, Sofia Lyakhova will help.

Unusual Gifts Ideas

If you have close friends, who you know very well, and you are get tired of boring ordinary gifts - all you need is to be a little more creative and switch on imagination.

To begin with, you should realize that most of such presents are suitable only for your very good friends, who understand jokes and won’t be upset or offended as they were expecting something worthier.

However, the main advice is that your gifts should be unique and customized. But let me be more precise and move to the examples.

First type of present is better be given not by one person but rather by a group of friends. To start, all you need to do is to create a collage in photo editors, such as a PicArt, for instance, using funny photos of you and your friends being together. Then you have to order some specific item, which can be a T-shirt, pillow, blanket, bed linen or rug or any other thing. Believe me, it is extremely cute, memorable and unique gift. My friend was enormously happy and surprised when she got a huge rug with our photos on it.

The second type of gift is more useless, but, definitely, will bring a lot of fun. This year my friends presented me a cardboard full-sized copy of Valeriy Meladze, a Russian well-known singer. I was so shocked and surprised, but it is definitely an extremely extraordinary gift, which I will remember for a long time. Obviously, you can select any celebrity you want from a wide list of options. Moreover, you can order any copy you want, for instance, a figure of your friend or even your professor’s copy (if it is legal).

Furthermore, something done by your hand is always a good addition to any gift as it will show how much you respect and appreciate your friend. So, don’t be lazy to spend some time on preparing something unique.

For instance, you can write a song, draw a poster and attach some photos. It is also a good idea to make a quiz to figure out how well all the rest people know your friend or make this test specifically to you B-day friend. Personally, I did a memory jar for my friend, simply decorating a tomato jar and putting a lot of small papers inside with all the memories and moments we had. So, don’t hesitate to make something pleasurable.

Moreover, not all of us always want to celebrate our Birthdays, so if your friend is one of these people – create a party for him or, a lest, make a surprise. The options are unlimited. You can come to your friend’s home at 00:00 p.m. with a small cake and balloons or congratulate at the University. But it is a much better way to organize a real party, secretly inviting all relatives of your friend.

To conclude, be unique, be creative and don’t hesitate. Yep, the rules for a perfect gift are easy.

Text by
Sofia Lyakhova