5 Russian TV Shows Worth-Watching

Anna Bogun selected the best Russian TV shows for you.

5 Russian TV Shows Worth-Watching

Despite the stereotypes around Russian cinema, the quality of series of domestic production is improving every year.  Original and exciting stories appear, talented actors are filmed, and famous Russian directors manage this process. I selected my favorites for you and hope that you’ll be able to spend cool and relaxing day watching one of them.

1. House Arrest (Домашний арест). Comedy, 12-episode series of 2018. The mayor of the city of Sineozersk was caught taking a large bribe. By court order, he is placed under house arrest at the place of registration. But the mayor is registered not in his beautiful country house, but in a simple communal apartment of his childhood. Here he will have to go through all the trials of the old communal apartment again. After all, it is not he who is in charge here, but ordinary residents, among whom is his friend of childhood, with whom he is not in very good relations.

Why to watch: the cast is correctly selected, the game is impeccable. The hot topic of bureaucracy and politics was very boldly and positively shown.

2. An Ordinary Woman (Обычная женщина). Drama, 9-episode detective of 2018. The plot tells the story of an ordinary (seemingly) woman Marina Lavrova. She has two children, a surgeon husband and a small flower shop. However, it turns out that in her other life Marina is a runs a very difficult specific business – sex workers network.

Why to watch: The plot is unusual and dynamic, so it catches your attention on the first time and makes you worry about the next episode. The series keeps the viewer in suspense very well. And, in my opinion, Anna Mikhalkova is an amazing actress.

3. Storm (Шторм). Drama, 8-episode series of 2019. The story  tells us about the relationship of two friends, both work in the police. One - in Homicide department, the second - in anti-corruption one. To save his wife from a fatal illness and find money for an expensive operation, one of the heroes commits official crimes and tries to hide evidence. What the other notices.

Why to watch: A well-made story about the pressing and important topic of modern society, lively, structured dialogues that are really close to the common people.

4. Policeman from Rublevka (Полицейский с Рублевки). Comedy, 5-season series since 2016. Grisha Izmailov is a policeman who guards the most expensive elite region of Russia. He is handsome, lonely, rich, passionate and a fan of black humor. Grisha knows how to please women without any effort and regularly scoffs at her boss.

Why to watch: This is a well-designed, easy-to-watch series with trendy cast and (often) good jokes.

5. The Thaw (Оттепель). Melodrama, 12-episode series of 2013. Events take place in 1961 at the Mosfilm film studio. The plot is based on the work of a group of filmmakers on a new film. But there are many other storylines. Here you have the classic serial quadrangle, and the criminal history, and the ups and downs of family life, and much more

Why to watch: the beautifully shown atmosphere of the Soviet era and the past backstage world of cinematography.

Text by
Anna Bogun