Presenting The Project

Maria Grigorieva and her advice on presenting your projects.

Presenting The Project

Nowadays, the presentation skill is one of the most important both for academic environment and for future career.

Preliminary Tips:

Arrive at the venue in advance. This will help you check and fix possible technical problems. Moreover, you can estimate the space available to you and imagine your movements and the location of the audience in the area. So, you can get used to the room and increase your level of your personal comfort in it.

The success of your presentation depends more on how carefully you have prepared it and thought out all aspects. Now we will focus on the 3 most important plans in which any presentation should be developed. The determining aspect is the level of your preparedness, the visual presentation of your speech, as well as your interaction with the audience, which is also sufficient. Thus, using the right approach, you can catch the interest of listeners in almost any topic.

Preparedness And Confidence

Movement design

For inexperienced presenters, it is vital to elaborate every aspect of the upcoming performance. For example, start your speech by focusing on the audience in the last rows. This will allow you to attract the attention of the entire audience, but not just the circle of listeners closest to you, from the first minutes of the presentation. Then, it is worth considering how you will move around the space allotted to you. Do not stand still; it is better to mentally divide the audience into 3 blocks and tell a report, turning in turn to the audience from each of these three blocks, instead of practicing a “story for one person”. This will allow you to capture the attention of the audience and feel confident.

Reduce stress

Start by having a good night's sleep on the day of the presentation, this will provide you with vivacity and energy for your performance. The rest is determined by the preparation that you spent in advance. Carefully write down the text that you will pronounce, so that you don’t have to worry about the fact that you can’t prepare the presentation in advance for the speech itself. Rehearse the text several times in advance, which will allow you to minimize stress levels.

Visual Aspect

Choose a right outfit

Viewers will make the first conclusions about you by your look, so this is a crucial aspect of the presentation. Thanks to the neat and appropriate clothes, any of your words will be taken seriously. It will be best to practice performing this presentation at home in the selected outfit, which will allow you to get used to it and reduce stress. Of course, the clothes should be comfortable, but at the same time, they should suit you and correspond to the seriousness of the topic. The image of a successful speaker gives confidence and enhances public confidence. Despite this, do not try to impress the audience with your outfit. Adhere to generally accepted rules, this will allow you not to look funny or inappropriate.

Appropriately add to the fun

In addition to information, listeners can wait for entertaining moments, so it’s not enough just to interest them in the main topic. A funny picture will help dilute the official tone of the presentation. At the same time, make sure that this is entirely appropriate, since not every topic allows humorous remarks. Although, basically they do not let the listeners get bored. Use metered out relevant and relevant Internet memes in the presentation, taking into account the interests of the target audience.

Interaction With Viewers

Make your presentation interactive

Of course, most of the time it is you who must remain in the spotlight, but engaging the audience is also useful. Your audience is a “living organism”, and your goal is to convey your project to them. So, it is extremely important for you to use this fact to your advantage for a quality presentation. In the absence of interaction, listeners may lose interest, get bored or even form an unfavorable opinion about you. Immediately inform that you will be happy to hear questions and comments. Having expressed key ideas, pause and ask the audience for an opinion.

Enjoy the performance

The fatal point is your personal involvement in the topic. The presentation will be valued by how much you are involved in the chosen topic and how many resources you are ready to devote to it. Your ability to convince the audience will directly depend on how passionately or not you can talk about your goal. Thus, for a successful presentation, not only methodical preparation is necessary, but also your personal enthusiasm for the object of the presentation.

Text by
Maria Grigorieva