Post-Pandemic World Order Seminar

Dr. Yang Jiemian talks on the world after the pandemic.  

Post-Pandemic World Order Seminar

On Tuesday, 12 May 2020, the International Laboratory on World Order Studies, Department of International Relations and the New Regionalism and the School of Oriental Studies of HSE held a joint session of Eurasian Online Seminar and China Seminar.

During the event Chinese expert of International Relations Dr. Yang Jiemian made a “Post-Pandemic World Order and Major Power Relations” presentation.

The professor started his presentation with the comparison of three opinions:

Henry Kissinger: “The Coronavirus Pandemic will forever alter the world order”

Richard Haas: “The Pandemic will accelerate history rather than reshape it”

Jiemian Yang: “The world is still in a transitional period from the existent order to the new one”

Dr. Yang Jiemian underlined, that his position is somewhere in a middle between opinions of Dr. Henry Kissinger and Dr. Richard Haas:

Time will tell whose views are closer to the later development.

The presentation dealt with the following points: Multi-polarization, Community Building, Thematic Changes, Leadership, Institution Deficiency, International organizations, etc.

Obviously, the international community does not only need to update the existing organizations, norms and rules, but also work together to create new ones to meet the unprecedented changes. 

The fight against the Covid-19 does not confine to the public health field but expand into many fields such as national security and foreign relations. There was emerged and interesting view of Dr. Yang: because of pandemic’s special features, the broad masses throughout the world want to have a say. And this trend will even develop into other fields and become a new normal of the world.

During Q&A session many complicated questions were asked. Much attention was also focused on the issue of US and China relationship, role of different countries in the future building post-pandemic world-order, Chinese initiative “One belt, one road”.

Text by
Krisitina Kondakova