Top Recipes For A Tasty, Quick, And Healthy Energy

When you study, it is difficult to eat in a normal way. However, such a way of eating can seriously damage your health.

Top Recipes For A Tasty, Quick, And Healthy Energy

When you study, it is difficult to eat in a normal way. As a rule, I have a sandwich snack or buy food outside. However, such a way of eating has a serious damage on health. That’s why now I’m learning how to make a tasty, quick and healthy breakfast.

Students are usually in a hurry in the morning. Actually, we can be late even for evening couples, so, of course, many of us don’t have time for a normal breakfast. And my life hack for those who are always in a hurry like me - to cook all food in advance. Then, you will only need to mix all the ingredients in the morning.

You can use this advice to make Smoothie and A bowl.

Firstly, you should grind up nuts and granola in a blender. This mixture has to be like a flour. Don’t forget to make it in advance and it will be enough for the whole week!

In the morning, you will only need to wash fruits and slice them.

And then if you want to make smoothie, you should bring a liquid yogurt and put all the ingredients into the blender. Easy! Drink it and you will feel a lot of energy to study since the beginning of the day.

And if you don’t accept smoothie because it’s not actually a breakfast in the usual sense, so make a bowl. You should get a bowl and put some yogurt until the middle of it. Then, slice banana and lay out all other ingredients in several layers. You can also mix yogurt with some berries to make the taste brighter. However, it’s more suitable for summer seasons.

In fact, there is a great choice how to mix ingredients in this recipe. Personally, I usually use banana, yogurt, coconut flakes and the mixture of nuts from the first recipe.

Without energy, it makes no sense to even leave home. That’s why coffee is so popular among students. However, you should get energy from food. And if it is too hard to cook something in advance, so here is another variant for you.

Omelette and Avocado toast

We all know, that protein gives us energy, so we should get it from our food to be active and healthy. Making omelette - is really easy. You should take 1-3 eggs, mix them with milk and then stir over in a pan until the mass takes a solid form. The temperature should be medium, and if you want your breakfast be really healthy - don’t use oil in the process of cooking. Usually I make my omelette with a pea-coat, cheese and sometimes with some pieces of sausage.

And for avocado toast you need to make a poached egg. Poached egg is done quite easily. Break two eggs and throw them to the boiling water for about 5 minutes. While they are cooking, halve an avocado. Put the cooked eggs to the each of halves, sprinkle with dill and taste your dish.

Okay, and if you don’t have any problems with eating at home, but you are always hungry outside, because you don’t have time or it’s too expensive, then Salad is an ideal way out.

You can cook it not only for breakfast actually, as it’s really nourishing and you can easily take it outside without a need to warm up.

So, buy some soft avocado and dice them. Then you can use any meat, however you should cook them in advance as it requires some time. The most delicious way - is to make this salad with shrimps, but they are quite expensive, and usually I use chicken.

After that slice one celery root, chop a few eggs and tank up the salad with lemon juice and salt.

As you can see, it’s not hard to start your day in a delicious and healthy way. And from now you won’t have a need in coffee or fast-food.

Text by
Olga Kudryavtseva