Food To Feel Good

What should we eat to be more productive and active? Tatyana Peregudova will tell.

Food To Feel Good

Due to quarantine, many people work from home. We have found some useful recipes for some healthy foods that help you focus on work and improve your brain activity.

It is not a secret that oatmeal is very healthy. For instance, it helps to lower the risk of heart disease (in combination with low-fat diet). Moreover, it contains a plenty of micronutrients, such as different vitamins (A, B1, B2, E, K, etc.) and minerals (calcium, iron, phosphorus, etc.). However, it tastes not so good for many people. So, we have brought one recipe of a yummy dich for you.


Pancakes with oatmeal. To cook them you should take:

  • one egg
  • 40 ml of milk (you can take low-fat or fat-free, or even vegetable milk)
  • three tablespoons of oatmeal and flavorings as you want (sault, sugar, honey)

All these ingredients should be blended and fried as a pancake. Moreover, if you do not eat eggs, you can cook without them: just add twice more milk (for instance, not 40ml but 80 for a portion). The main advantage of this dish is that you can add various fillings: vegetables or fruits with cottage cheese, or berries with honey or yoghurt. It is also possible to add fish or meat to this dish.

Such pancakes are a good breakfast.


Our next recipe is a snack, that you can eat before lunch or dinner. It is yoghurt with pumpkin seeds, plums and honey. For 500 ml of yoghurt you need:

  • 125 g of pumpkin seeds
  • 6-8 plums and 100 ml of honey

All you need is just to mix all the ingredients (plums chop as you want). Yoghurt is a source of calcium, which organism needs for a good nervous system work, and there is a special amino acid, from which dopamine is produced. The media and popular science often say that dopamine is “a chemical of pleasure”, and it is true. But what is more important, the pharmacologists claim that dopamine helps for self-motivation and concentration. Plums contain iron, that regulates the level of hemoglobin: one of the most significant elements of mammals’ organism. Hemoglobin transports oxygen to our cells, and the normal level of oxygen and its gyration let us work properly and get tired less. And, what about pumpkin seeds – they are a rich storage of energy.

Bbroccoli soup

It is rich in vitamin K that improves our brain’s work. For this soup you need:

  • broccoli (as much as you want)
  • some cabbage
  • some of your favorite green-stuff (such as parsley, fennel or leek)
  • ayran or kefir

Blend these products to purée and the soup can be served.

Salmon with a salad of broccoli and corn

Salmon contains special omega−3 fatty acids, which strengthen the brain cells. The elements, which corn is fill with, help to maintain and improve our memory.

It is easy to cook, but takes time. Salmon with olive oil and you favorite flavorings should be baked in the oven at 170 degrees for 10 minutes: turn the fish over sometimes during baking.

For salad you need:

  • 2 boiled eggs
  • 300g of broccoli
  • 100g of canned corn
  • some green-stuff (for instance, 3 big leaves of lettuce)
  • lemon juice
  • salt and pepper for flavourings

Slice it all as you wish, mix up and serve with salmon.

To sum up, these are all our recipes for you. We can add, that, if you like coffee, you can drink it with dark chocolate (not less than 70% of coca beans) – it will give you energy and help to concentrate. But you should not drink it too much.

Be attentive if you have allergies and do not eat anything that can cause it.

Text by
Tatyana Peregudova