Why You Should Choose To Study In Russia

Semen Efremov reflects on the pros and cons of studying in Russia.

Why You Should Choose To Study In Russia

In Russian universities you can receive deep, fundamental knowledge in all areas. Russia is best known for its strong scientific schools in the field of physical, mathematical and natural sciences. Russia is a recognized world leader in the training of specialists in the exact sciences, engineers, programmers, and doctors. This is confirmed by the positions of Russian universities in international rankings. The opportunity to study abroad is not only a quality education, but also an excellent life experience.

Consider the pros and cons of studying in Russia.

The obvious advantage of studying in Russia is the optimal ratio of price and quality of education.

As for the educational programs themselves, for some students who have already studied a certain discipline, studying abroad may offer new directions in the chosen discipline that are not available for study in their country. Having options is always good. This may open up new ideas, perspectives that have not been considered previously. In this regard, the possibilities of training and choosing programs in Russia are almost endless.

The undoubted advantage of studying in Russia is the opportunity to learn the Russian language, which will help you more immerse yourself in a new culture!

But here there is also the problem of the language barrier. When studying in Russia, each student is faced with the need to learn the Russian language to the extent necessary for listening to lectures. The Russian language is rather complicated, especially in the study of grammar, but during the course of studying at a Russian university, each student will already have a fairly good understanding. More than 200 million people on the planet speak Russian, and about 10 million foreigners constantly study it.

The problem of overcoming the language barrier, of course, exists, but it is quite simply solved by intensive language learning. Russian universities offer different programs for learning the Russian language, ranging from short-term courses and summer language schools to remote education. In addition, in the framework of the preparatory department, there are one-year Russian language courses for foreigners at universities. For those students who did not have time to learn Russian, there is the possibility of studying in English.

Among the disadvantages of studying in Russia, one can note isolation from home and the difficulty of adaptation. Staying in a new country can result in a cultural shock, especially for those students who rarely go abroad. For some students, spending a whole semester in a foreign country seems morally difficult.

However, staying in a new country carries a lot of positive emotions. At the same time, you can be independent, because you are far from your parents and independently plan your time. After some time, you can feel like a local resident!

Speaking about socio-cultural adaptation, it should be noted that Russia is a multinational country where representatives of various countries and cultures and religions can easily adapt. Therefore, it is not surprising that many foreigners coming to Russia feel at home. Russian universities have accumulated many years of experience in teaching and adapting foreign students. They have freshman curatorial programs, and the institute of student community has been actively developed.

The advantage of studying in Russia is meeting new people, the opportunity to make new friends, get acquainted with their culture and traditions.

Thanks to training in Russia, it becomes possible to travel through its vast territory, get acquainted with the sights, find new beautiful places. Musical, theatrical and artistic life is widely represented in Russia. Numerous concert halls, theaters, museums provide an opportunity to join the Russian art.

Between lectures and homework, there are many opportunities to travel, for example, outside of Moscow, to visit St. Petersburg and other wonderful cities with their magnificent architecture. Weekend travel and sightseeing will truly make your stay abroad even more fun!

Even a small minus can be the fact that you will fall in love with the place where you studied, and after graduation it will be very difficult to go home. Russia will become a second home - after all, a student is not a tourist, but a “temporary resident”.

A possible disadvantage of studying in Russia may be the additional costs of getting to your destination, staying in another country. Airfare, housing, food, living expenses plus tuition fees - all this can be quite expensive. However, if you really want to study in Russia, you should not be afraid of this, as there are various co-financing programs, grants, and the opportunity to officially combine study and work.

No matter how fun and exciting studies abroad are, the time will come when you will have to return home. And then it will be sad to part with new friends, when you have already grown fond of culture and the university campus - your second home.

Text by
Semen Efremov