Rules To Keep Fit

Mikhail Maslov and his advice to stay fit.

Rules To Keep Fit

The holidays are over. We returned to work and study and will be able to devote less time to physical exercises and various types of activity. Especially for you we chose some simple and affordable tips on how to stay fit even when there is absolutely no time left for the fitness club.

1. Use a bicycle
If you need to drive a couple of kilometers, then use a bicycle. Firstly, it is healthier than using public transport or a taxi. Secondly, it is more environmentally friendly. In Moscow it is very comfortable to rent a bike from bike stations. It called «Velobike» and it costs only 1500 rubles per season. Since now we cannot go outside you can use exercise bike which is nice to have at home.

2. Refuse harmful fast food
In the modern rhythm of life, fast food is a very convenient solution to the problem of nutrition, but it is absolutely not useful for your body. Try choosing a wholesome food or take food from home. Buying healthy, of course, is a little more expensive than burgers or pizza, but the body will thank you. And to cook at home and take with you is even cheaper than buying ready-made and much more heathy.

3. Give up the elevator
If you are a student, then you probably have a problem of lack of activity.
Refusing to use the elevator is a great way to fill this gap. Daily descents and ascents on the stairs will help keep your muscles in good shape and you will look better.

4. Drink more water
It is simple but very important. A good habit that does not require any costs from you - neither energy nor financial. It works like this: in any incomprehensible situation, drink water, ordinary drinking water. Not tea, not coffee, not lemonade - the logic in the series “Well, what, the water-based drink” does not work here. In total, you should get about 2 liters a day - adjust this volume depending on body weight and overall well-being. In a month you will notice the magical metamorphoses that occur with your body. The skin will become cleaner and smoother, the body will be cleansed of toxins and it will be easier to cope with the stress and digestion of even heavy foods. If you do not like the taste of water, add slices of lemon, which at the same time will help burn the fat component.

5. Do fitness at home
There is nothing funny or embarrassing about this. Workout is workout. Homework means you don’t have to leave your comfort zone, spend time on the road or follow a schedule. You can start with a 5-10-minute charge right in bed. And for full-fledged workouts, choose what you like today: high-intensity classes, Pilates, yoga for the whole body, training for body sculpting, «Insanity» from Nike to gain muscles and power. Everything is easy-to-find in the Internet.

Text by
Mikhail Maslov