Sweets For Brain

Sugar, and more precisely glucose, is thought to be the main source of energy that every student needs.

Sweets For Brain

Sweets, chocolate bars, fruit jelly, cakes – the world of candies is abundant. It’s hardly ever possible to resist the temptation to swallow a piece of milk or dark chocolate while drinking a cup of tea or have a slab of celebration cake. Candies go along with people during almost the entire life illuminating it with new flavours. But it’s not all about the taste. Candies are a must for each person and especially students! Isn’t it surprising?

The matter is that our brain is rich in nerve cells that is one of the most energy-demanding organ. To work effectively neurons are extracting the energy from the consumed amount of sugar. Just imagine, according to Harvard researches, one-half of the sugar energy found in a body is used to «fuel» our brain. Thus, it becomes clear that brain functioning is tightly connected to the level of sugar (glucose) and how efficiently this source is used. Have you ever expected that your studying process DEPEND ON sweets? If only we knew this argument being children, our parents would have nothing to do but to buy another box of sweets.

In fact, if the level of glucose in your body is not enough, it has a bad influence on the neurons communication and so that affects the functions essential for studying such as: learning, thinking and memory. As a result, the lack of sugar can lead to poor attention and slow intellectual operation. “The brain is dependent on sugar as its main fuel,” says Vera Novak, MD, PhD, an HMS associate professor of medicine at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. “It cannot be without it.”

That’s why, if you are full of deadlines – all you need is to free one evening, grab your friends and feed your brain with candies.

1. Want to get into a sweet paradise?

Friends Forever Company will take each of those who wish to the world of pleasure and satisfaction. Blueberry pancakes, caramel waffles, giant cakes, airy-souffle beze or home-made ice cream – one will have what to choose from. There are 6 different locations where you will definitely find something according to your taste. The cafes are situated in the heart of Moscow, so save some time for wondering around cozy streets, especially if you are a calorie counter.

2. You’ve seen phreaks only on the streets? What if I tell you that you can even try one?

Shocked? Please, don’t be. It’s just a freak shake. For those who has never heard about it - freak shake is an extraordinary milkshake which is topped with almost every candy one can imagine. It can be an ice cream, a donut, a waffle, Nutella, kinder surprise and even candy floss. As commonly said: Freak shake is not a drink, it’s a meal. And you can find this in the famous SOS-café. Here you can choose one of three popular milk shakes: love is, cheesecake or chocolate – you are to decide.

3. Sweets sound too sweet and you’d rather order a pizza?

There is a solution for you! You can try chocolate pizza in Max Brenner. Pizza with three types of chocolate instead of well-known 4 cheeses? Or the one with chocolate and wild berries? May be after looking at menu card you will finally get into temptation to try chocolate fondue with fresh fruits, strawberries and marshmallow. You will truly have a chance to find your way to France or Belgium or Switzerland for a moment. But this moment is worth it. Drinking a bit salty hot chocolate or caramel coffee and relaxing – isn’t it what a student wants? In case you are afraid of eating too much sweets, a menu includes ordinary dishes as salads, soups and so on. But are you really going to miss a chance to try something unique?

4. Want to try a new sweet dish and didn’t spend a fortune?

Then, Cinnabon is waiting for you. Cinnabon is a sweet bakery that is known almost all over the world. What is unusual about it? It isn’t offering cakes, chocolate, sweets but cinnamon rolls. Fresh rolls with caramel and nuts, chocolate and cream are baked with love and packed for you. You can try a hot one or take a pack away with almost 40 per cent discount.

5. Have you ever heard of Hong Kong waffles?

If not, come and try them in WAFBUSTERS. The first thing you should know: it’s not an original waffle that we are used to seeing in a café or a restaurant. Hong Kong waffles are made of 30 "bubble-cells" with different fillings. You can choose Snickers, M&M`s, bounty, chocolate and so on. On the top an ice-cream or whipped cream can be added. If you try it with fresh fruits as apples, oranges, bananas, peaches or even kiwis – it will be a unique combination of flavours.

So, if one day you will be sitting in front of your computer having no ideas. Stop it right now. Have some sweets for brain and enjoy the life.

Text by
Yulia Lavrenkina