10 Hobbies For HSE Students

Elizaveta Butorina and Viktoria Volkova know what hobby you might like.

10 Hobbies For HSE Students

In the modern world everyone needs to have a hobby. It helps us to overcome stress, to relax, improve yourself and get away everyday routine. If you do not have hobbies, we are going to advice you some ways to spend your time.


If you like to collet different things, this hobby is for you. You can compile everything you want, for example, old and rare coins, little models of expensive and luxurious cars, porcelain dolls, stickers, badges. If you want to have something extraordinary, according to some people, you can start to collect salt shakers, lighters, wrapper, beautiful coffee cups, bracelets. This kind of spending time is good for people, who want to do something calm and peaceful.


It is an exchange of post cards with a stranger. The system gives you a random address, then you send a post card to a person and you get one from someone else. As for 2017, over 676 thousand people from all over the world were checked in on the official website of PostCrossing. People exchange about 40 million post cards. It is not only enjoyable but a good opportunity to find new friends. Nowadays, in the modern world of internet communications, to have a pen friend is romantic, unusual and exciting.


Are you feed up with boring weekdays? This one is special for you! If you love to live in a tent, provide first aid, disinfect water and so on you should find tis club immediately. Survivalists are people, who intend to survive in any emergencies - from natural and man-made disasters to an epidemic. It does not matter if something similar or not happen to them. It is important to be prepared! Survivalists collet their anxious suitcase, arrange training games and acquire a number of useful skills.


If the previous one is not for you, and you like to spend time hand-mating. Felting is a needlework technique, when volumetric drawings, toys, panels and other decorative elements are created from wool. There are several directions: dry, wet felting nuning. To work, you need sheep’s wool, a special needle or soap solution and free time. This hobby helps to develop fine motor skills, concentrate and stay calm.

Historical reconstruction

Do you want to feel like a brave Roman legionnaire or a Russian combatant fighting for a prince?  Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of historical reconstruction.  This is both science and art.  Some restore old equipment and restore armor, others arrange performances.  To recreate everything reliably, you need deep knowledge and patience.  The historical reconstruction has many fans, clubs are created, various festivals are held. You will absolutely surprise your friends or your soulmate on the date with this hobby. The main thing is do not come in a suit from reconstruction.          


If you want to do needlework, but you are fed up with embroidery and knitting, and want to do some interesting, bookcarving is special for you. It is the creation of voluminous compositions from multi-page paper manuscripts. Book carving is popular all over the world, but requires patience, hard work and accuracy.  This is a hobby for hard-working people with artistic thinking.

List of gingerbread cookies

Do you like cooking and draw? List of gingerbread cookies is for you. Everything that you need are gingerbread cookies, color and a bit of fantasy. Start with simple pattern and finish with big painted gingerbread houses. This hobby will be really calming and enjoyable. Be careful and do not eat whole gingerbread house before you color it completely.


It is drawing on the water. Have you ever looked for bizarre shapes from the clouds in the sky?  Then this hobby is for you: with an insoluble paint a pattern is created on the surface of the water, and then it is transferred to paper, fabric or any surface.  It turns out very unusual and beautiful, and the process is truly mesmerizing. There are two main techniques of marbling: Persian ebru and Japanese suminagashi.  In the first, abstract patterns predominate, and in the second, circular stains.

Nail art

Everyone imagines how to hammer a normal nail, but just imagine that with the help of nails you can create real works of art.  At least fifteen thousand nails and one hammer - all that a master needs in order to get another work of art in a month or three. Also, this hobby will bring you little income. Who does not want to have an unusual picture of nails. Just be careful and beat off your finger.

Crafts from waste materials

The global desire for environmental friendliness and cleansing the planet has generated a new trend - the manufacture of useful and beautiful things from waste materials.  An original hobby fulfills two goals - aesthetic and practical. Firstly, you will make a stunning craft from plastic, used bulbs and soiled jeans.  Secondly, help rid the planet of the debris with which it is full. In this activity, even completely seemingly inappropriate materials are used, like old tires and toilet paper sleeves.  Look for art ideas on the World Wide Web.

To sum up we would like to say that it is really important to have a hobby. If you do not have it at the moment, you can choose what ever you want, because it does not matter what people say about it, the main thing is that you like it. Do wat you want and be happy.

Text by
Elizaveta Butorina and Viktoria Volkova