Yulia Lavrenkina talks about “Scientific battles” student organization.


What you are ready to fight for? Love and friendship or money and career perspectives? What about “Science battles”? Never heard? – Then find out more about this student organization in this article! 

If you think that real fight for science dates back to the times of Giordano Bruno, you are mistaken. Science is the sphere that is vital to talk about – it drives our future, future of different countries and more globally – the future of mankind. Who knows, maybe we would still believe in geocentrism without having spreaded in 16 century ideas of Nikolay Kopernik? That’s why it is important to illuminate science, to open it up for all. And this is a goal of one of HSE student organizations which is called «Science battles».

«Science battles» may sound scary and blood-thirsting but tone it down, nothing is that serious. The time of burning at the stake for the progressive ideas has, fortunately, passed away. Be sure you will enjoy a new format of «battles». The main idea of this student organization is to share not aggression but love towards science.

It is a chance for everyone to come closer to scientific questions one thought too complicated to understand. Owing to «Science battles» one can get acquainted with different field of science and find answers to pressing questions.

Each battle consists of 4 participants – young and active researches that are ready to share their ideas with public. In 10 minutes they need to present their study and answer the questions of the audience. The only rule – no boring figures and monotonous texts. Participants should spark the interest to every even the dullest thing in their research. To help them with such a goal they have the art of rhetoric and stage requisites – and that’s all. After the presentation the poll is held among professional judges and the audience to choose the winner, who will enter the final and have a chance to get the first prize - an academic travel grant.

2019 is the third year of the project, the first battle took place in March 2017 in the club where 5 students faced head-on. It was the starting point that was successfully passed away, then the project was on rise up to the height of the 40th floor of MoscowCity Tower, where the final of the second season was held. And it is definitely not the end. We will continue to «fight for science» in the upcoming year and looking forward for you to join!

It is really worth visiting. But why?

1. The atmosphere

You will get positive experience in either way – no matter if you are a participant or a spectator. If you want to take part as a speaker, you are expected to compete with best of the bests. But don’t worry, it is only called a «battle», in fact: you are going to improve personal performance, gain self-confidence and make new friends. Wanna come and watch? – You will enjoy the pleasant atmosphere, meet new people and find out something new.

2. The knowledge

«Science battles» is an educational project but the idea is not to talk about science in general but to exchange personal attitudes, suggestions and views. It covers contemporary issues of various academic fields that one face even in his or her daily routine. So, you are quite lucky to finally get the answers to them.

3. Food and drinks

If all the previous statements do not persuade you to visit the next «battle» - this one is for you/ There is a perfect tradition to discuss the ideas over some tasty snacks and drinks. So grab your friends and enjoy!

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Text by
Yulia Lavrenkina