International Mobility: An Experience

Anna and Sergey talk about a great HSE opportunity.

International Mobility: An Experience

A new year is a perfect chance to start a new life. Hopefully, in September we'll be able to come back to a regular life. What could be better than going to study in another country on exchange? Academic mobility is not only about the opportunity to study abroad, but also about the chance to see a new country and culture, meet new interesting people, discover something that you would not even have thought of before.

But studying on exchange is a good idea not only because of the opportunity to learn something new about other cultures and travel, but also because of coming career prospects. The opportunity to study abroad opens up new doors for you: this is a high level of specialist training, the possibility of further training or employment in another country. In exchange for all the possible inconveniences, you will get an unforgettable experience, new useful skills and contacts.

As for the HSE, there is a great opportunity to go to study for the program of academic mobility. You can find out all the subtleties and features of the entering using this link:

But we will tell you what academic mobility in HSE is firsthand. So, we asked our good friend Anzhela Gurtsieva, a 3rd year student of AD&PR Programme, to tell you about her experience of studying abroad.

Anzhela Gurtsieva
Anzhela Gurtsieva

2019 started with a tearful farewell to my parents, a fear of impending loneliness and an unfamiliar scary city.

As a result, on the very first day of my independent life, a peppy Catalan, who was passing by, danced for me, then I was bombarded with sweets at the national New Year celebration, and then I returned home with black lips by the first tried paella. Since then, I tirelessly advise all students at the HSE to participate in the academic mobility program and not to be afraid of a new experience.

I studied in Barcelona, at ​​the University of Pompeu Fabra, and lived in a student residence, where on the very first day my room was decorated with photographs of relatives. Quickly enough, I joined the university life, which, in secret, surprised me with the attitude of teachers towards students. Since the courses there have to be registered independently, unlike the HSE, all teachers are aware of their responsibility, give only useful materials and in an interesting way, try to get constant feedback.

I also traveled a lot around the country, fortunately, European prices often allow this, and now I remember this time with nostalgic sadness. Nevertheless, participation in the program has long-term advantages - at all current job interviews I am pleased to talk about the applied experience, and about the plans for the master's program abroad. In addition, this is an intensive upgrade for the inner world, and this is exactly what I wish for myself and you this New Year.

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