HSE Student Organisations During Quarantine

How do student organizations keep their distance?

HSE Student Organisations During Quarantine

What new projects are launched by the Curators, TVHSE and Green HSE? What difficulties do they face and how do they overcome them? During the period of working remotely there has achieved lots of funny situations, students have faced and overcome many difficulties.

HSE Curators

Curators continue working at the School of Curators. Because of the quarantine, they prepare two Schools: online and offline.

Working remotely was a bit difficult, but over time we got used to it and now we cope with all tasks without any problems.

The selection in the Curators was completely carried out remotely at Zoom, both the group stage and individual interviews. The remote format itself at the group stage reveal some other personality traits. At the interview you can feel what kind of person, since we see each other and, like face to face, can “feel” a person, understand how he or she thinks.

Curators also launched some new projects. A part of the team is organizing the School of Chiefs. And together with Ingroup STS, we are preparing something cool!

Because we are so far apart, of course, everybody doesn’t have enough communication on business-related matters, so after the various meetings, curators just stay to chat. Corporate culture department develops a variety of collaborative entertainment online. Just last week they hold a «game» for the whole team. Such evenings and events will continue to be organized to support corporate culture.

Green HSE

After the team of Green HSE moved to remote, its members decided to pay more attention to content. Now on the Instagram account @hse_green there is a marathon about eco-habits that anyone can join. Green HSE held our annual forum «Eco+Nomica» remotely.

This time is also the time of new projects. Green HSE members thought it will be interesting if volunteers from different departments talk about sustainable lifestyles during a pandemic. They also made a video for «stay at home» challenge, in which the eco-habits of volunteers were shown.

With difficulties there has been amusing situations. For example, during one of the broadcasts of the forum «Eco+nomica» one speaker collected a “quarantine bingo”: her phone rang, a couple of times people appeared in the background, which was filled with different things.


The working format of TV HSE student organization during the quarantine has changed completely – its members work in chat rooms and in Zoom!

They fought with Zoom for a long time - the 40-minute limit was excruciating, but booking zoom at Student Initiative Support Centre seemed difficult (you have to coordinate in 24 hours, but the opportunity is cool, SISC is respectable!). So, they surrendered and bought Zoom!

But quarantine is also a time for new ideas! They started a completely new project «Vquarantine», which will be released soon, and some projects they have adapted - «Truth or Drink».

All Student organizations’ members wish HSE students to regard this period as the time of new opportunities and ideas, to take care of yourselves and loved ones and to keep a positive attitude.

Text by
Kristina Kondakova