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Choosing A Streaming Service

Elena Sysa will tell how to choose a streaming service to watch your favorite movies.

Choosing A Streaming Service

Being home you might want to watch a movie. Today we shall look through a short description of leading russian streaming services.

Why use streaming services?

- It's comfortable. Especially when compared to pirated torrents. It takes from 20 minutes to several hours to download a movie on illegal resources, depending on the speed of the Internet, while on streaming platforms during this time you can watch an entire episode of the series.

 - The library of content for online cinemas is constantly updated, and there is no need to "run" from site to site to find a new movie or series. Netflix, for example, often downloads new seasons entirely, so you won’t have to wait at all. All at once and in one place.

- Better sound and image quality. Сontent on pirated services is not always available in high quality. The visual range is often fuzzy and is accompanied by a vibrating and intermittent sound.

- Lack of advertising. We all suffer from informational noise, the lion's share of which arises from the huge amount of annoying advertising.

Do you need a multiscreen?

Multiscreen is a mode of viewing content on multiple screens. A multiscreen is the ability to watch TV shows, purchased TV movies and TV shows on various devices (Samsung Smart TVs and LG Smart TVs, Android and iOS tablets, computers). For example, you can subscribe to one of the services that will allow you to simultaneously watch a movie or series on two devices. This is convenient when you take off with friends or use the service as a family. Finally, a multiscreen service is provided for free: the user pays once for high-quality television or video content - and then this content is reproduced for free on other screens.


Do not forget to focus on cost!

- on some services, a subscription can reach thousands of rubles, and foreign companies accept payments in euros or dollars;

- price may vary depending on exchange rates.

What does the subscription cost consist of?

Subscription price depends on the type of a channel. Some services belong to TV channels. In this case, the subscription may be lower than that of competitors. Other services are independent. But basically, most of the content on the service is third-party. To have the right to broadcast it, the platform concludes agreements with other television channels and movie studios. The subscription price depends on the cost of using the copyright of the content. The more expensive the streaming platform is to manage the contract with movie studios, the more expensive the subscription.

The cost of the subscription may depend on the original content as well. For example, the platform, together with a film studio, is filming a series. Subject to costs, the subscription price may also vary. In addition, with some services you can, without making a subscription, you can pay for watching a single movie once (you watched it once and that’s all, you can’t do it anymore), or you can buy it at a higher price and watch as much as you like. In such cases, the price depends on the popularity of the picture and the release date. Also, the subscription price may depend on the subscription period. The longer the subscription period, the cheaper the monthly subscription. In addition, the cost of the subscription depends on the incoming services. The more services included, the more expensive the subscription.

Some Russian streaming services


This popular online movie portal also has its own online platform for watching movies and TV shows. Kinopoisk is collaborating with Amediateka, so here you will also find a large library of TV shows.

  • subscription to both portals - 649 rubles
  • separate  films - 49 rubles

+ seven days for free to test the service and make your choice

- cannot be watched on more than one screen at a time


Another Russian platform with a huge library for every taste. From pleasant features it is possible to allocate convenient system of recommendations, and also collections like "Top-250 best films according to "Kinopoisk"". For sports fans, there are also convenient subscription options. For example, a subscription for the entire football season of the Premier League will cost 2990 rubles. And for the cheapest subscription called "Auteur cinema" will need to pay 99 rubles. Rates are different, so there is a choice for any budget. For fans of series, by the way there is a subscription "Series Amediateka" with the catalog of the portal of the same name.


Ivi is a Russian media company operating in the market of legal professional online video. Among the company's projects is a partially free online cinema, popular in Russia ivi.ru and Russia's first children's video service deti.ivi.ru.

THT Premier

PREMIER is a collection of shows, series and movies from entertainment TV channels. As well as exclusive content, including premieres before airing on TV.

Text by
Elena Sysa