Apartment Gardening: Is It Possible?

Veronika Mark and her gardening advice.

Apartment Gardening: Is It Possible?

There will never be a better time to pick up a new hobby than right now. While staying home, a lot of people feel the urge to become more creative and imaginative. We suggest you should consider gardening as your future avocation. Not only will it help you save a considerable amount of money, but it will also distract you from everything that is happening in the world today. However, you might ask: “How am I going to start gardening if I live in a small apartment without any garden whatsoever?”

Don’t worry. It is possible. All you have to do is read the article to the very end.

Tip 1. Make a schedule

Taking care of plants take time. So, make sure you pick the right type of plants based on the amount of free time you have. We believe that now during quarantine it won’t be a problem. However, if your schedule is still pretty busy, try opting for low maintenance types like Dragon tree and Spider plant.

Tip 2. Make use of the space

It is highly likely that first you will think that there is clearly not enough space in your apartment to grow even one plant. However, with a little bit more thinking you might actually find some places that are perfect for certain plants. Your apartment garden can thrive in minimal light as well as in direct sunshine providing you correctly chose the types of plants first. 

Tip 3. Kitchen garden

Those of us who truly enjoy cooking will certainly enjoy having an indoor kitchen garden. There is a huge variety of tasty herbs that could be grown right on top of your kitchen window sill and then added to your favorite pastas or salads. Let thy greens be thy medicine.

Tip 4. Freshen the air

Not everyone can afford a fancy air humidifier. But did you know that plants can purify the air and make it fresh and clean? So, placing some plants in the stuffiest rooms might provide some health benefits being at the same time a way cheaper alternative to a regular air humidifier.

Tip 5. Be creative

Try adding more colors into your life by using vibrant-hued planters in a variety of shapes and sizes. This will certainly cheer you up when the weather outside is really bad and you feel gloomy all day. For those who live to create, try painting the pots yourself using your favorite colors and adding some cool decorations.

These are our top five tips that will help you start apartment gardening from scratch.

Text by
Veronika Mark