Do You Know How To Identify Lie: HSE Mafia

Have you ever played a professional mafia game?

Do You Know How To Identify Lie: HSE Mafia

Even if you have already played the game, there is a cool opportunity to practice. HSE has a special club for this (HSE MAFIA). Here you can test your skills of insight, observation and lie recognition.

If you have never played the mafia, then this is a great opportunity to try. And be sure, you will like it. This club is played not only by professionals, but also by beginners, so do not worry if you are suddenly afraid to feel uncomfortable. Everyone is welcome here, because the main rule of the mafia is: the more people, the better!

The guys gather every week, so it is better to follow the news in the group so as not to miss the announcement of the next game.

So, now a few steps in order to become part of this club and participate in weekly games:

  1. Feel in yourself the makings of a detective and a desire to develop observation
  2. Go to the club group ( )
  3. Find when the next game will be
  4. Register for the game at the link
  5. Read this article, as the basic rules of the mafia will continue to make you feel more confident
  6. Come to the game with an excellent mood and a charge of suspicion

For those who are not at all familiar with the mafia, we wrote the basic rules of the game. More detailed rules will be told to you already at the game, since, depending on the host, the rules are slightly different.

There are 4 types of characters in the mafia (depending on the number of people, there may be more):

  • Civilians
  • Mafia
  • Doctor
  • Commissioner

The bulk of the players are civilians. There may be several mafias, it depends on the number of players. One doctor and one commissar. The doctor, the commissioner and all civilians are playing against the mafia. What role will your host say in the game, but only you will know it.

The essence of the game

In the mafia there are two phases: “day” and “night”. At night, all players “fall asleep” (close their eyes), and the mafia wakes up, who can choose any player to “kill” him (this player will exit the game). After the mafia has chosen a victim, the commissioner “wakes up” who can point to any player, and the leader is obliged to show the commissar with gestures, is this a civilian or a mafia. Thus, he can check who the mafia is and speed up the victory of civilians. The commissar “falls asleep” and the doctor “wakes up” who can “cure” any player whom he points out, even himself. If the mafia "killed" player No. 5, for example, and the doctor "cured" player No. 5, this player does not leave the game, he was not" killed". Then the whole “city” wakes up, it means, all the players. They all discuss together whom they suspect and against whom they will vote. Voting is conducted, on which the majority selects the most “suspicious player” who goes to “prison”, it means leaves the game. But the "city" is not informed what role this player had. Then again comes the "night". And everything is repeated until they “kill” all civilians, or all mafias. That's all the basic rules of the mafia, the rest will tell the leader on the game!

It may sound very complicated and confusing, but be sure, you will like it, and you will come more than once. A mafia is a transfer to another reality, an opportunity to feel like a real detective, a commissar, or a dangerous mafia.

Come and try yourself in different roles!

Text by
Arina Kiseleva