5 Reasons To Choose PR And Advertising

A short story why it is great to study advertising and PR in HSE.

5 Reasons To Choose PR And Advertising

Everyone should enjoy the place where he spends most of his time. It is especially important to get the right attitude, which will motivate you to take the right actions and development. The National Research University Higher School of Economics rightfully bears the title of the largest and best university in Russia.

The direction “Advertising and Public Relations” combines all the global trends in this direction. It is here that you will be taught what is not taught at other universities in the world. Here you will come across unconventional approaches and an innovative training system that moves students forward to success and leadership in the labor market.

Students should be in a pleasant atmosphere of study, where everything around you is surrounded by light, warmth and support. So, now we will name 5 reasons why you should choose the faculty of “Communication, Media and Design”, the direction “Advertising and Public Relations” and embark on the path of study and pleasure.

Reason №1

Media yard

All students should have their own quiet and secluded corner, with working WiFi and fresh air. If you love nature, love secluded places or vice versa a noisy company, then the media yard is for you! Here everyone will find exactly what his soul prefers. We have a cool swing that the graduates of the program presented, it is very comfortable to sit on them, and sometimes even lie under the shadow of a large tree. There are places for a smoke break and benches for a large company. The Media Yard connects the entire Faculty of Communication, Media, and Design together. Here you can meet a designer or a journalist, do joint projects and develop your skills in entrepreneurship.

Reason №2

Training office

Perhaps this is one of the holiest places in the corps. People work here, or rather a group of professionals who are ready to help you at any time. No matter what your problem is, they will always listen to you and quickly solve any of your problems. Here you can never hear screams and accusations, because the leadership will always listen to you and take your side. Thanks to the training office, calm and peace prevail in the area.

Reason №3

Building location

It’s not a secret to anyone how important the location of the building in which he studies is for the student. Our building is located in the very center of the capital! Here you can not only learn, but also learn the wonderful world of history. Many attractions surround the Small Three Saints Lane. Kitay Gorod is the oldest historical district of Moscow. Within this region there are historical monuments invaluable for our country and the world and sights dear to the soul, such as Red Square, St. Basil's Cathedral, the History Museum, GUM, which give Moscow a unique image and attract tourists with its beauty and history. There are no residential buildings and structures in these places, therefore, only during the day there is a vibrant life and activity. It is worth noting that in the evenings and late at night Kitay Gorod resembles a deserted, but beautiful scenery from some beautiful musical.

Reason №4

Creative projects with real customers

There is no need to get bored or do boring and monotonous work. Each lecture or seminar immerses students in the world of creativity. Indeed, top practitioners from all over the world conduct classes. Here you don’t need to learn textbooks boring, you need to work in teams and perform interesting tasks for various world competitions and festivals. Everyone on the “Advertising and Public Relations” program will be given the opportunity to bring their dream closer, realize their potential and become a specialist in their chosen field.

Reason 5

Teachers and curriculum

Many students in simple universities suffer and lack sleep. But this direction gives students the opportunity to have a very flexible schedule and to realize their skills not only within the university.

Teachers will always be sympathetic to student problems and will solve issues that arise in the learning process.

Each teacher will help with any question, if you come up and ask for help, since the relations in the direction between teachers and students are very warm, full of mutual understanding and mutual assistance.

Rosa Abdalova

Yulia Inyakina