Home: Where Is It?

"I am home!", let us find out what students think, when they say this pharse.

Home: Where Is It?

Home is my own town for me. The place, where I can be myself, act in the way I want and, to be honest, wear my favorite huge pants. It is the place, where someone will miss me and wait for me. I dream about my future flat, full of my paintings.

But right now, I feel that I am at home in the place I had lived for 16 years. I adore my room there, that atmosphere of my district and people around me.
I like to travel, and for the first time I tried to stay at apartments in different cities. One of them was Marseille. Surprisingly, in this small, but cozy, apartment I felt at home.

The view from the window, a large picture on the wall, a cozy kitchen - all that touched my heart.

And what is Home for you? Let us ask some students.

Home is where there are your people you love. - Sasha Kazakov, an HSE student 

The place, where you feel good both in body and soul. - Kristina Kosheleva, an HSE student 

Where someone is waiting for you. - Karen Bekchyan, student of HSE

Where I can let my emotions out! - Darya Nechaeva, a student of Lobachevsky State University

It is the bed on which I slept as much as I remember. - Ksenia Kolekina, a student of RGSU

I came to Samara for the first time after a year of studying at the university at the end of March. My friends and I were sitting in my kitchen in the morning, and I made us sandwiches and tea. In the middle of the second sandwich, I realized that I was at home. I am at home and I am preparing a snack for my girls. Before that, I had never had such a clear awareness of the Home! - Polina Nikitina, a student of HSE

My hometown is Odintsovo. From my childhood, I was not quite aware that it was not Moscow, therefore, as a separate corner for myself and my soul, I began to evaluate it only from the age of 16, when I had a company in the city. I really love the fact that Odintsovo is something small and dear, but it is not far from “civilization” and I am very upset by the fact that the Odintsovo will soon become part of Moscow. It will destroy my feeling of my Home. - Anna Sinikova, a student of HSE

Think about your own understanding of “home” and it will bring you a lot of positive emotions. I do believe that remembering home can help to deal with university’s routine.

Text by
Alexandra Belyaeva