How Food Affects Our Skin

Kseniia Gavrilova talks about food and its influence on our skin.

How Food Affects Our Skin

Modern cosmetology is very effective - this is true. However, the truth is also that if you do not deal with the recovery of your body, it is pointless to put high hopes even on the most advanced cream.

Why is detox important?

When our bodies are overloaded with toxins, the release system fails. The skin, as a last resort, takes a blow on itself. As a result - broken pigmentation, sprawling of the vascular network, inflammation, irritation and a full bouquet of problems. Of course, it is necessary to support it in this difficult period by external means, but hear its signals SOS - review your diet.

Here are just a couple of examples of how a diet affects the skin. 


Subcutaneous fat can easily turn into a toxin if overheated. Because the excessive amount of incoming food leads to a lack of the necessary enzymes to assimilate it, and if we are talking about random mixing of different foods, the intestine without stopping is exposed to the processes of fermentation, rotting ... In general, do not make a dump out of your body.


When our vascular mesh is full of toxins, it grows because it needs to collect these toxins from everywhere. The stronger the vessels on the skin, the more detoxification the body needs. If you rid the body of toxins, it will also eliminate the need to develop a vascular mesh, respectively, cooperies and persistent redness will gradually come to naught. Cosmetics will help to maintain the skin in an acceptable condition, but for a reliable effect, it is important to influence the problem from the inside.

Healthy diet

- Different types of peppers, for example, contain capsaicin alkaloid. What is wrong with it? It causes vasodilation and redness of the skin. So if you already have a penchant for couperose, it makes sense to give up pepper altogether.

- Your skin's and body's moisture level are part of our homeostasis. You know that someone drinks a lot of water, but suffers from dryness, and someone seems to be a little bit, but his skin is perfectly moisturized and elastic. So how do you moisturize your skin from the inside? Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet, just not occasionally, but permanently. They will provide the body with quality structured water, which will affect the appearance of the body. Do not forget about simple drinking water, of course.

- Excessive passion for protein diet is fraught with ketosis, in which first there is a carbohydrate starvation of cells (they begin to split fat, because the energy needs to be taken from somewhere), and then suppressed by the center of hunger - because many people on a protein diet lose weight, only at what cost. Ketosis is a dangerous violation of homeostasis, which is also manifested in the form of earthy complexion, lack of radiance, etc.

In addition, how many more non-obvious, more complex and subtle mechanisms exist that somehow affect the skin... The conclusion is simple: it is time to think about what you eat, realize the benefits or harm of it and ask yourself: do you still want to eat all this?


Text by
Kseniia Gavrilova